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In an ever-expanding list of why I love Gravity Forms so much, you can now apply coupons to orders created on your site.

Gravity Forms has been able to do limited e-commerce for quite some time, allowing you to create products, provide options and apply shipping costs, but one of the most hotly-requested features has been the ability to add coupons, so that end-users can get discounts on their orders.

And now they’ve finally gone and done it. I gave the beta of the add-on, which was released yesterday, a quick spin, and there’s some nice features, but there’s also one glaring omission for me.

The coupon add-on is available to developer license holders only, so be sure to get a developer license today.

What’s missing?

Presumably for technical reasons, for now at least, the add-on only allows you to apply a flat-rate or percentage-based discount to the entire ordermeaning that you can’t be selective with which products to apply a discount to. So, if you want to offer a coupon discount on your t-shirts, but leave your sweaters at full-price, then you’re out of luck (for now). Coupons will take either a set-amount off of the entire order, or knock a set percentage off of the entire order amount, but will not target a specific product, or set of products.

What features are there?

There are some really nice features that will help Gravity Forms make this a worthwhile add-on, despite its shortcoming. For example, you can set start and end dates for each coupon, set a limit for the number of times a set coupon can be used, and even set whether a coupon is “stackable” (meaning it can be used in conjunction with another coupon).

The options page for setting up a coupon

The future

Hopefully, Rocket Genius recognise that the ability to target specific products with coupons is an essential feature of any couponing system and they get to work on it. They may also want to explore additional options, such as whether to apply the discount to shipping or not, setting a minimum order amount for flat-rate discounts etc. It’s a good start, but there’s definitely room for expansion. And no doubt, they will deliver, as they always do. All in good time.

Try the coupon add-on beta

2 thoughts on “You can now use coupons within Gravity Forms”

  1. Patrice says:

    Too expensive. Why do they force you to spend $200 for a developer’s license to get a decent plugin?

    1. I don’t think it’s unreasonable. Why do Nissan force you to pay $25,000 to get a decent car? The developers spend a lot of time developing the plugin, and they need to eat, just like you. Do you work for free? Of course not, so why should they?

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