WPTouch is a Godsend in an Increasingly Mobile World

WPTouch by BraveNewCode is a plugin for the WordPress web platform, which presents your website in an exceptionally easy-to-read manner on mobile devices. In a world where mobile internet use is on the increase, largely thanks to the iPhone and the upsurge in netbooks, it is essential to be able to tap that market, making efforts to ensure that your website is easily navigable and legible on mobile devices. And that’s where WPTouch comes in.

WPTouch is an extremely well supported and developed plugin for your WordPress installation which needs little configuration or effort to get your site mobile-ready. It looks fantastic on mobile phones, like a truly professional site. In fact, a while back BraveNewCode had considered charging for the plugin, but changed their minds in favour of keeping it open-source.

Among its many features are mobile AdSense support, mobile stats tracking, iPhone icons, home page customisation and the ability to switch between mobile and full interfaces.

WPTouch should be an immediate addition to any WordPress installation to give yourself a fully-fledged, mobile site.

There’s two options for WPTouch. You can either check out the Pro version, or if that’s not for you, you can try the slightly more limited free version from the WordPress repository.

5 thoughts on “WPTouch is a Godsend in an Increasingly Mobile World”

  1. Josh Ray says:

    I love this plugin and have installed it on all my blogs. You mentioned the adsense support, I hate that feature about it. I’m sure there are plenty of people who love it but it’s just so big and annoying on my tiny little iPhone screen. I personally will leave a site on my iPhone if it has the mobile ads, just not enough screen space for it imo.

    1. Dave says:

      I think they’ve integrated it well, but I’m one to keep ads to a minimum as it is, so I’ve left them out of my installation.

  2. Hey, Dave, I use it and have had no problems. A mobile device doesn’t show my sidebar, though.

    1. So it shows the site as normal, but the sidebar doesn’t appear? Mind giving me an example URL?

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