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For anyone who’s been around the WordPress community for a few years, you will be aware of a website called WPTavern, where experts and beginners alike used to spend hours building a strong community and helping one another out.

The site was founded on the author, Jeffro, producing original content about WordPress, and providing links to useful information that he had found on other sites. He then introduced the forums, which proved very popular, and allowed people of all abilities to come together, discuss WordPress, and assist one another with their WordPress issues and projects.

In 2011, Jeffro wasn’t able to sustain the site any more, having put in hours of work on a daily basis for several years. As he puts it, doing that wasn’t about to pay the bills, and he had to get a full-time job to help do that. As such, he had to sell the site, which he did.

There were a couple of flurries of activity, where posting seemed to resume, but sadly they were short-lived.

I’m not sure what kind of agreement Jeffro came to with the new owner of the site, but it was always Jeffro who provided the content when he returned to writing.

Lately, he’s been back at it again, and according to him, it’s for good this time. He also mentioned that in the near future, we can expect his “boss” (the owner of the site, who as yet, is unknown) to write an article explaining the future of “The Tavern”.

The site is due for a design refresh in the near future, which I’m sure you’ll agree is very timely, but for now, you can get back to reading at WPTavern.

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  1. Rudd says:

    Great comeback. WPTavern has been a great WP resource and it was sad to see it closed down before this.

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