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It seems hard to believe, but one of the most prominent WordPress newsletters, wpMail.me, has been running for over two years now. I remember when it first came out and promptly signed up to receive it, and it has now become something that I look forward to receiving every week.

wpMail.me is sent out every Thursday morning and compiles news from around the WordPress community. The way the emails are laid out makes a lot of sense too. Each email is split into certain sections, so that if you’re only looking for particular information, it’s easy to jump to it. The emails are split into:

  • News and articles
  • Theme news
  • Theme releases
  • Plugin news
  • Tutorials

The newsletter gets its news from a wide variety of sources, so even though I do a lot of reading around the WordPress community every week, there’s always something new to glean from the newsletter every week.


If you’re looking for a little more information about WordPress, or putting your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the community, then perhaps a subscription to wpMail.me is worth a look. Did I mention that it’s free…?

2 thoughts on “wpMail.me – Your Free Weekly WordPress Newsletter”

  1. Thanks for the tip, just signed up to it.

  2. Sign up for it, wpMail is a great newsletter and always provides a few useful snippets, posts, but some new sources would be great, the same blogs are starting to feature weekly and not always providing quality content, but overall, worth a sign up.

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