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WP Theme Generator

WordPress Theme Generator, from WordPress Theme Shock and iconShock is an excellent service that helps you build your own custom WordPress theme with ease.

The service

It’s a service like I’ve never seen before. By going to their website, you can develop your own WordPress theme and see it come together before your very eyes.

Once you arrive at WordPress Theme Generator, you’ll see a default theme, and a tool pane that allows you to customise most elements of the site, from a gallery of more than 1000 pre-made items.

I was quite surprised at the level to which you can customise certain features, such as the dividers between page sections, the top bar, shadows, patterns, shines, slider type and frame, icons, fonts and the search box.

WP Theme Generator

There are seven default layouts that you can start from, which change where the main site elements appear, and within each of those layouts, there are eight widgetised sidebars that you can either turn on or off, to create highly customisable areas. The seven layouts are somewhat similar and don’t offer the variety of layouts that you might come across by scrolling through ThemeForest for example.

As a service, they’ve really gone out of their way to make it as easy as possible to create your theme. You can save your progress at any time and come back and continue modifying your theme. Additionally, there’s a colossal gallery of themes that people have already made, which are not only great for inspiration; you can also use them as a starting point by clicking on the Load button, which will load up the design in the generator and allow you to further customise it as you wish.

Theme Gallery

One area that I think the generator falls short is that, while it gives you a million different options for how your theme can look from their pre-defined gallery of design elements, there are some things that you can’t customise, like the body text font color – they provide an array of greys from black to white to choose from, but what if you wanted to specify a particular color? You’re out of luck I’m afraid.

With that said, there’s enough customisation to give you some great choices and make some really magnificent themes. Just browse the gallery if you’re not convinced.


Browsing and designing your theme from the outset is completely free. That’s one of the biggest appeals – you can see exactly what your theme will look like before you ever commit to buying something.

Beyond that, you essentially need to subscribe to their service to have access to the framework. This costs $29 for 6 months. Once you have the framework though, you do have the advantage of being able to create as many themes as you want under your subscription, so whether you just get one theme, or make 50, it’s still the same price.

Theme Framework

Once you install the framework on your site, you can modify all the site elements, like you could on the site generator, from within your own dashboard, so if you’re not quite sure about something, you can make a little change from your own dashboard.


WP Theme Generator a very easy-to-use service and easily enables you to customise your very own WordPress theme in a matter of minutes. The finer details of customising your theme are perhaps lacking, but it’s a great service for getting a unique look, quickly and at a good price.

10 thoughts on “WP Theme Generator – Create your Own Theme in Minutes”

  1. rakesh kumar says:

    I have seen and used this servive before at that time it was not mature and free. Now it seems to me that it is now mature thus they are asking some charges. By the way a great resource for non technical persons who wants to generate their themes. One question here, how it is different with artisteer?
    ~rakesh kumar

  2. Hello rakesh, we are behind this tool and it’s very mature and much better than artister, take a look to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVNmXzCblrw

  3. Irfan korai says:

    I have a question related to it. For example i have created a custom wordpress dropdown list. Will there system support that type of drop down ?

    1. Any custom styles would obviously need to be reflected in your new theme. You can copy them from your current theme’s stylesheet and paste them into the WP Theme Generator theme stylesheet

  4. Chazzer says:

    Support is patchy. They don’t always respond to legitimate problems reported to them.

  5. chris says:


    They suck. Seems like it works until you sign up and try to download the templates and find out they don’t download properly, missing files and wrong images. Sometimes templates works and other times won’t even install at all. When it does the installation is horrific, adds pages and modifies your site. You don’t want to install their templates on a live site because it will screw it up and you’ll spend about two hours trying to figure out why your site is all messed up.

    I’m on day five of trying to get a refund with no luck. They keep e-mailing me back bullcrap messages offering me more crap or offering support. How about just giving back my money? The last message they sent me said they will get back to me when they have time.

    1. Tom says:

      I have had exactly the same problem. I starting using WP Theme generator and found it didn’t do what it said and I found it too difficult. I have tried getting my money back to which I received bullshit messages and now I don’t get any replies. Too be honest it is only £60 that they owe and if they need the money that bad they can keep it, karma’s a bitch!
      I am going to keep emailing them and posting everywhere I can on forums until they get sick of me and refund my money.

      1. Pe says:

        do you have any news? I try to get help from my credit card company…

  6. Pe says:

    same problem here. no refund since 1,5 months. no answer for 3 weeks now… 149 USD

    1. Michael says:

      I am not very tech oriented, so I thought I’d try them, out. I actually kind of liked the look of the theme I designed with them. But, after downloading it, there were tons of issues with it and it caused multiple issues with my site.

      As a company, they are HORRIBLE. Their support is a joke, if they bother replying to you at all! Like the others, I am in the process of trying to get a refund and have filed a claim with my Credit Card Company.

      Stay FAR away from this company!

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