WordPress podcasts for 2013


When I first starting looking for WordPress-centric podcasts a year or two ago, I was surprised at the shear lack of options available.

Now in 2013, it seems that there are WordPress podcasts packed to the rafters. I’m going to give you a bit of a rundown of the WordPress podcasts that are around today, for your listening pleasure:

Apply Filters

This is definitely development-centric, so the average user won’t find this of interest, but for anyone who is even moderately interested in development, this is an excellent podcast. It’s run by Pippin Williamson and Brad Touesnard and it guides you through what’s going on in the core development of WordPress, as well as what Pippin and Brad have been working on. It’s a shameless way for WP devs to geek out for an hour a week.

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Matt Report

Matt is fairly new to the WordPress arena, having originally been working in a Drupal agency, but he’s very much engaged in the WordPress community now and his podcast the Matt Report is more about the business side of things. So if you run a WordPress business of any sort (selling plugins, development agency, theme shop), then the Matt report is an engaging podcast, with a different guest each week talking about where they came from and how they made their business work.

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Week in WordPress

Week in WordPress is a relatively new podcast, that is also run by Matt Medeiros at Slocum Studio. Its focus however is what’s been going on in the WordPress world in the past week, and he gets familiar faces in the WordPress world to join him and discuss the week’s news.

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WP Water Cooler

The WP Water Cooler is a video podcast, featuring a different guest each week, and the topics are quite general, so most people interested in WordPress will find this of interest.

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The DradCast covers all things WordPress. It’s hosted by Dre Armeda and Brad Williams and they have a special guest on each week to talk about a different topic. Just one more way of keeping your finger on the pulse of WordPress news, and getting to know who’s who in WordPress.

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Your Website Engineer

The only one of these podcasts that I have yet to appeared on myself, Your Website Engineer is more suited to beginners who are perhaps just site owners rather than developers, but Dustin gives you lots of great tips and tools for managing your site, and information on what you need to know about what’s going on in WordPress, such as upcoming major releases and what’s changing in core.

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WP Bacon

WP Bacon is a podcast that Robert Neu of FAT Media started. It currently has a grand total of 2 episodes available, but they’re just getting going. Not much to say here, except that if you’re looking for new content, you might want to check them out and see what they do with this podcast.

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What else?

What podcast have I missed? What are you listening to these to get your WordPress fix?

11 thoughts on “WordPress podcasts for 2013”

  1. Jeff Chandler is doing the WordPress Weekly again…this one should be on top of the list :) It’s not a WordPress centric Podcast at all but Chris Coyer and Dave Ruppert are doing the ShopTalk Show which is worth listening as well. There have been a few others in the past that I liked but most of them died off.

    1. Thanks Nicolas: I had forgotten about Jeff starting back up. I haven’t had a chance to catch that one yet.

  2. dustyf says:

    You missed MeetWP, which started around the same time as WP Bacon. It’s goal is to be like an online Meetup with Meetup and Wordcamp quality presentations provided online twice a month.


    So far, some great speakers have been:
    John James Jacoby
    Chris Lema
    Lisa Sabin-Wilson
    Mika Epstein

    1. Nice! I hadn’t heard of that, but will check it out

  3. There’s a nice list of both audio and video podcasts here: http://wphubbub.com
    I still have a couple to add, but you’ll find a list of the latest episodes in order for your convenience :)

  4. Getting well into Apply Filters recently, I love the contrast between speedy Pippin and laid back Brad, great show.
    DradCast – well what can you say, awesome!
    A few I haven’t heard of here too, as always nice one Dave ;)

    1. Haha, yes, the blend of Pippin and Brad is quite amusing. Fantastic content too. Definitely one of my favourites.

  5. John Overall says:

    You also missed WP Plugins A to Z http://wppluginsatoz.com

    John Overall

    1. A to Z is one of my rock steady faves

  6. Steven says:

    wphubbub.com is a great source for podcasts and general WP news, etc.

  7. Troy Dean says:

    You missed WP Elevation. I help WordPress consultants build a sustainable and profitable business around WordPress.


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