Using WYSIJA To Manage your Email Communications in WordPress

Just one of the many professional email templates available through WYSIJA.

WYSIJA (that stands for What You Send Is Just Awesome by the way) is one of those plugins that you’re so awestruck by when you finally find it, that you’ll be screaming with joy that you don’t have to deal with the “alternatives” any more.

A plugin that can send out emails from within WordPress, that does it well, that does it reliably, and that does it with the power, ease and professionalism that WYSIJA can do it is, quite frankly, hard to come by. I for one, never found anything that even holds a light to WYSIJA. Here’s a quick intro video:


Let’s start off with newsletters: you can use WYSIJA to send out newsletters, either to all of your subscribers (as in, subscribed users to your site), or to an email list, that you can build right on your site, by using the sign-up forms that can be inserted into posts, pages or widgets. You can even add an option to your registration form to allow people want to sign up.

One of the areas that WYSIJA really shines is its design capabilities. It comes with the ability to use some of its templates to give you a head-start on creating a gorgeous email template, whereas most other solutions require you to just paste in an HTML template that you’ve built elsewhere.

WYSIJA makes building an email template a piece of cake

The graphics, dividers, themes and color sets provided from the outset, even in the free version (there are more in the premium version) give you enough to build your own look with real ease, using an intuitive interface.


A really nice feature of the plugin is the ability to create autoresponders that can send out emails to people who subscribe to the site, or to any email list. Not only that, but you can specify when they get sent out, so if you want to follow up with someone a few days after they sign up, you can do exactly that.

Send out your content by email

You can use WYSIJA to send updates to your email subscribers whenever you post new content on your site. This is particularly handy for people who don’t visit your site regularly and who don’t use RSS. You can select to send emails immediately when new material is published, or as digests on a daily, weekly or monthly.

Use WYSIJA to send out emails whenever you publish new content

Managing subscribers

WYSIJA has a robust system for managing subscribers. At the bottom of each email sent out is an Unsubscribe link and a “Manage Preferences” link, where people can edit their name, email address and what lists they’re subscribed to. The only thing I don’t like about this, is that you can’t call upon that info in your site, so that people can manage their subscriptions on your site. The ideal way to do it would be if it was integrated into the user profile, but oh well! It still does the job and it does it really well, with that exception.

You can also manage subscribers yourself, making edits to each person subscribed, changing their information, or modifying their subscriptions if you wish.

The other stuff

The feature list for WYSIJA is really long and it will rival MailChimp and Aweber for most people, because it can do near everything that they can, without the big price tag.

One feature that I really like is the ability to limit the number of emails you send in any given time period, since most shared web hosts impose such a limit on you. This ensures that you won’t exceed that limit and your email will reach everyone that you intended it to.

There’s tons of other things too, like viewing emails in your browser, scheduled emails, personalised emails, import from existing email provider, admin notifications and syncing with your WordPress users that just prove what a powerful tool WYSIJA is. I personally love it and will be using it on any site needing email communications going forward.

6 thoughts on “Using WYSIJA To Manage your Email Communications in WordPress”

  1. Robert says:

    Great plugin. However, can it be marked as spam and your hosting’s IP will be blocked if you send too much email?

    1. Well, one of the great things about QYSIJA is that you can define how frequently it should send mail, so find out your hosting provider’s limit on sending mail and enter that value (or one a bit less) in your settings, and it will just queue up your items and send them at the interval permitted.

  2. Deborah says:

    Thanks for the review. I had never heard of this plugin, but I can see how useful it could be. I’ve been designing/writing newsletters for years. Question for you: how does it handle the infamous green heading bug in Hotmail? From what I read in their features, WYSIJA doesn’t allow any editing of the HTML.

    1. I’ve never heard of this issue, but I think you’re right that the plugin does not allow for editing of HTML. How would you normally overcome this bug? Their templates might already account for it…

  3. Deborah says:

    Hi Dave, Thanks for the quick response. The only way I know of managing the Hotmail headings bug is to wrap the headings in span elements. Or not use heading elements for headings.

  4. Kim says:

    Hey everybody, it’s Kim from Wysija here.

    Regarding spam, we’ve developed a free tool to check your score (integrated in the Premium version):

    This said, we do recommend that you send with a email provider:

    Otherwise, we haven’t had report of the Hotmail issue. I guess Jo, my partner, ruled that one out.

    At last, we’re hiring a PHP dev with knowledge of WordPress. Get in touch, we need help to make this an even better tool!

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