ManageWP – The Perfect Tool for Managing Multiple WordPress Sites


ManageWP have been around for a while and in case you haven’t heard of them, they make managing multiple WordPress sites a breeze.

It’s a service where you can update WordPress and plugins with a single click, perform backups at scheduled intervals and maintain your WordPress site, by clearing out spam commments, deleting database table overhead and purging post revisions.


Keeping your WordPress site up-to-date is critical. Plugins, themes and WordPress itself all need to be updated as soon as updates are available to stay on top of security issues. However, as you start managing more and more sites, this can become burdensome.

ManageWP Update Window

ManageWP makes it incredibly easy, by having available updates displayed as soon as you log in. And all you need to do is hit the Update All button, and you’re done: every site you manage is completely up-to-date.

If you want to be more selective, you can update site by site, or even plugin by plugin, but most of the time, updating everything is probably your best choice.


As a web developer, something that I encounter very frequently is people who have lost their site, either by hardware failure, security breach, or human error, and are frustrated that they didn’t have a backup to restore from. It usually takes a catastrophe for someone to realise the importance of backups unfortunately.

However, with ManageWP, those frustrations are gone, because creating backups and even scheduling them to occur on a regular basis is incredibly easy.

ManageWP Backups

You can select any site and force a manual backup of either just the database, or the database and all of your files at any time.

Better than that, you can set a schedule and have the backups performed automatically, so that you need not even worry about them.

The most important feature of the backup service is that you can send the backups to a remote location (so that if your server fails, your backups are somewhere safe). You can choose from Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP and email.

Manage posts, pages, comments

You also have the ability to add posts and pages to any of your sites from within ManageWP. ManageWP simply pulls up your admin area from within their own dashboard, so you’ll have all the functionality that your WordPress dashboard has:

ManageWP - Add PostAs such, you can also manage any aspect of your dashboard from within ManageWP, including adding and editing pages, and responding to comments.

Delete spam, post revisions and table overhead

You can maintain the parts of your site that tend to bloat your database, to keep your database as small and efficient as possible. Removing post revisions, deleting spam comments and removing overhead in your database tables is simple. There’s a widget in your ManageWP dashboard for performing all of these actions with a single click.

ManageWP - Clean SitesManage users

ManageWP allows you to manage your users with ease. You can easily add or manage users across all of your sites from within your ManageWP dashboard. You can add a user to multiple sites at once, and also change passwords with ease (very handy in the case of a security breach). The whole process makes managing users much more fluid.

Manage Users with ManageWP

Uptime monitoring, traffic alerts and SEO

ManageWP has a number of extra little features that will be helpful to any site owner. For example, you can keep tabs on your uptime (and get notified if your site goes down), get traffic alerts (for when traffic is abnormally high, which could either be a sign of an attack, or that your content has gone viral. For those paranoid about SEO, there’s also multiple tools available for improving SEO right in your dashboard.

Clone sites, client reports and more

I keep finding new little tools in ManageWP, such as the ability to clone a site (to duplicate it and install it elsewhere), or the ability to generate reports about all the activity performed on a site (such as backups and updates) in any given time period. This is especially useful for showing your clients what services you have been providing in the background, which is a great way to show value for money, for services that the owner is not typically seeing. This is something I plan to put to good use with my own WordPress maintenance service, The WP Butler.

Try it for yourself

I have been immensely thankful that I gave ManageWP a shot and now I’ve fallen in love with it. It’s a tool that makes managing any number of WordPress sites a breeze, something which is very handy to someone who not only manages my own portfolio of sites, but a portfolio of client sites as well. And the best thing about it all is that they have free accounts. You can add up to 5 sites to your own free account and try out the services for yourself. Give it a go and see if it doesn’t save you a load of time every week.

Try ManageWP for free


5 thoughts on “ManageWP – The Perfect Tool for Managing Multiple WordPress Sites”

  1. I have always wanted to try ManageWp.

    How does it handle the updates?

    We use ssh not ftp on our servers and our plugin folders are not writable, meaning we can not just click update and let the plugin update its self in the admin.

    Thanks Dave.

    1. I also use SSH and have Port 21 closed on my server, so FTP is not an option. However, given that your plugin folders are not writable, I would guess that that would cause a problem for ManageWP, since it probably uses the same mechanism as WordPress itself does. With that wrinkle aside, I’ve never had any issues and am beginning to lean more and more heavily on ManageWP for keeping things up-to-date and in-check.

  2. Fredy Mathew says:

    As a webmaster myself, i really am grateful to the developers of the plugin. Managing updates on multiple wordpress installs one by one is a tiresome and repetitive task. Not to forget the time that is wasted in the process.

    Since early 2012 i have been managing all my websites that run on WordPress using the ManageWP and till date, i am yet to find a better alternative that gets the job done as easily as ManageWP.

  3. Kevin says:

    You should check out InfiniteWP – great piece of software – one time fees instead of monthly.

    1. Actually, I’m trying them out right now and I’m liking what I’m finding. Expect a follow up post ;)

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