Using Custom Meta Boxes to Create Highly Customized WordPress Sites

Using Custom Meta Boxes

I wrote an article that was published on WPExplorer yesterday, about how to use Custom Meta Boxes to completely reconfigure the post editing screen to enable you to insert the exact information required.

For example, I have recently used this to create an alerts system, where the author can enter the alert title, its priority, the description of the issue and how to fix it, and I also used it to build an order tracking system, where the administrator could enter order details like the order number, tracking number, shipping carrier, order date and order representative as well as the patient information, like name, date of birth and address.

By using tools like this with custom post types, you can create very customized WordPress sites that go way beyond “just blogging”. It’s these kind of features that have really propelled WordPress into the forefront of the CMS market.

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4 thoughts on “Using Custom Meta Boxes to Create Highly Customized WordPress Sites”

  1. The Custom Box Meta repository is awesome! Great tutorial link Dave :)

  2. Thanks for the link, Dave! Enjoyed the article. It’s amazing how WordPress is growing beyond the blogging CMS that it started as.



  3. Lexi says:

    Nice, not as complicated as I thought. I get lost on all the WP functionality to be honest.

  4. Nice tutorial you wrote. I myself also prefer meta boxes for custom post types. I used PikList plugin once to develop a Real Estate plugin.

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