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Do It With WordPress has become well established in the WordPress community and I frequently get requests to review products and promote them on the site.

Preparing this content takes a considerable amount of time and there simply isn’t enough time to feasibly write all the reviews that are requested of me. As such, I have started offering sponsored content options to offset the investment of time and hiring writers to perform the work involved.

I currently have three options available:

  • I will host a giveaway for your product/service on Do It With WordPress, wherein you can also provide promotional copy for your product or service to accompany the giveaway.
  • I will review your product or service on Do It With WordPress.
  • I will review your product or service on Do It With WordPress and send it out to my mailing list, which currently includes close to 1000 subscribers.

In all instances, links will be nofollow (though you can request specific anchor keywords) and reviews will be impartial and honest, so I will write about the merits and pitfalls of whatever I am reviewing. Furthermore, each sponsored item will be identified as such. Everything is subject to editorial review and requests deemed to be of low quality (spam) or not of interest to our audience will be rejected, and your fee will be refunded.

Posts will be published within 2 weeks of receiving the request, or at a mutually agreeable time. Please indicate any specific requests in your order below. Quicker review times may be possible, but are not guaranteed without prior agreement.

If you wish to request sponsored content, you may complete the form below.

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