Servint – Top Notch VPS Provider for WordPress

ServInt is an excellent VPS provider for WordPress

Choosing a good host for your WordPress site is of paramount importance and it’s best if you get it right first time, because transferring your WordPress site is an unnecessary pain.

I went with a few bad hosts in the early days of my online life and paid the price for it. I finally hit the jackpot when I went with HostGator, who treated me well for so long.

However, there came a time (May 2012, to be precise), when their shared hosting plans just weren’t enough for my ever-growing site. I decided it was time to move up to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). There’s no set time limit on when this action will be necessary, but if you want more control over your site and you want to really optimise your server specifically for your site, then that’s a good time to look for a VPS.

So I started asking around for recommendations, and it wasn’t long before one of my good friends, Oli Dale, recommended ServInt as a VPS provider. I looked at what they had to offer and was suitably impressed to at least try them out.

ServInt plans

As standard, all plans come with at least the following features:

  • RAID 10 Hardware
  • A choice of CentOS 5 or 6, 32-bit or 64-bit
  • 4 dedicated IP addresses
  • Free cPanel or Plesk
  • Unlimited domains and user accounts
  • Free daily off-server backups

The plans (at the time of writing) start at $49/mo which will get you 60GB of disk space, 1TB of bandwidth and 768MB Guaranteed / 1.5GB Burst RAM. It’s the plan I chose and it was more than adequate for my sites (especially if you’re using a CDN), so I’ve been suitably impressed with it.

Managed servers

When you go for a VPS, there’s a very important distinction to be aware of. Some VPS plans are managed, and some are unmanaged. Unmanaged means that you rent the server and that’s literally it; you’re in charge of all the maintenance, installing software and performing upgrades.

Managed plans have a technical support team to help you do all that stuff. I’m pretty knowledgeable technically, but having those guys there has been immensely useful; they’ve provided insight to help me tweak my site and loading times and performed routine maintenance. All I have to do is ask and in a matter of hours, it’s handled.

The service

I’m not one to stick around for bad customer service. When I’m paying someone for a service, I expect them to do it, and to do it well. After all, I’m paying them to do it because they ought to be better at it than me. Fortunately, with ServInt, they really are excellent at what they do. They’re very responsive, helpful, courteous and most importantly, extremely knowledgeable about server administration, which is an area that I haven’t really dabbled in too much.

To get you started, they’ll even transfer your entire site automatically, provided that you use cPanel on your existing host. That makes the initial transfer a whole lot less stressful.


My site is not nearly as busy as some other sites out there, so right now, the basic VPS plans are adequate for me. However, if everything goes to plan, I’m going to need to up my hosting package as more traffic starts coming in. The nice thing with ServInt is that you can move up through an entire family of hosting packages with ease and they’ll even handle the transfer for you, so they’ll grow with you, which removes the headaches of needing to move servers. ServInt have everything you need, and if you move out of the realm of a VPS and need a dedicated server, they can also handle that for you.

I’ve only been with them for a couple of months, but I can already tell that I’m going to be with ServInt for the long haul. They rock!

Take a look at ServInt

8 thoughts on “Servint – Top Notch VPS Provider for WordPress”

  1. Robert says:

    Sounds good :) I am considering on taking my website to VPS since HostGator is moving their data center to the new owner. Do you have any tips to choose the best VPS service?

    1. Depends what you’re looking for. I think ServInt have about everything you need for any WordPress site, and I love that they’re managed servers, with knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended!

  2. MaAnna says:

    Thanks for the tip Dave. I don’t have many clients that need VPS, but always happy to get recommendations from actual users. Hope you follow up in a few months to let us know if you continue to see improvements in site performance and such.

    1. Hi MaAnna,

      Honestly, I’ve already seen such an improvement in performance, I’m not sure it could get much better! Load times are consistently under 1 second, which is excellent and the server is responsive and the staff rock!

  3. Nicole says:

    Hi Dave, it sounds like you’ve had a great experience with HostGator in the past. I am pretty sure they also offer VPS hosting plans, any reason why you chose ServInt VPS package over HostGator, especially since your experience with HostGator was great. Is the plan by Servint more value for money? Thanks!

    1. I think I got better value for money with the Servint package, when it came to the VPS. Also, ServInt specialise in these more involved hosting packages whereas the bulk of HostGator’s work is in the shared hosting arena. I know people who have used HostGator’s VPS and dedicated servers and have also been happy though, so I’m sure they’d be a great choice as well.

  4. Bogdan says:

    Servint looks good, especially that it comes with a free Cpanel and 4 Ip addresses at $ 49.
    Hostgator is charging $83.95 for the same deal, offering 59 Gb space.
    I had a Vps with eboundhost, which was pretty cheap, but I had a pretty bad experience also. Their Vps was extremely slow, and they claimed that it had 4 Gb ram. I moved my websites to a shared hosting on Hostgator, and they are loading faster than on their Vps.
    So I’m still looking for a good Vps. Have you had any significant downtime experience with Servint ?
    And where are the servers located ? US or UK ?

    1. I can’t say that I’ve ever knowingly experienced any downtime on ServInt. They have three data centers: two in the US (DC and LA) and one in the EU (Netherlands). You can choose which one will host your VPS.

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