Send Out Tweets of your Old WordPress Posts Periodically

Twitter has become a necessary part of any blogger's social media arsenal

I spent ages looking for third-party solutions that would take my RSS feed or scan my site and send out occasional tweets of my older posts to let my new followers know about some of my good, old material. I should have known that there’s a plugin for that.

It was on advice from Ileane that I found the Tweet Old Posts plugin, which far exceeded my expectations. Not only did it do everything that I wanted it to do, but it also had loads more options for configuring how and when the tweets would be sent.

So first of all, get the plugin installed. Once you’ve installed it, head over to the settings page, where you’ll need to authorise your Twitter account so that the plugin can tweet on your behalf.

The rest of the configuration will depend on what you want the plugin to do. For me, I wanted to send out tweets with my old posts, showing the title and an unshortened URL (so that the URL will be shortened with, rather than or another shortener). You can select what URL shortener you want to use from within the configuration, if you want to use one at all.

Configuration options for Tweet Old PostsYou can also set how often it should tweet for you. The bit I love about this plugin is that you can set a minimum time between tweets and then set a random interval, which is added to the minimum time between tweets, so that your tweets don’t come out at the same time every day. It helps you to reach a wider audience by tweeting at optimum reading times for different time zones for instance.

You can also set hashtags to add to each tweet, convert certain words to hashtags, or use the categories or tags as hashtags.

Another excellent feature is the ability to set the age limit of a post for it to be eligible to be tweeted. So if you don’t want it to send out your newest posts, you can set a number of days that the post must age for before being eligible to be tweeted. Likewise, if you don’t want to be tweeting about posts that are four years old, you can set a maximum age for your posts, after which they won’t be used. Pretty sweet feature in my opinion!

Then you also have the ability to eliminate specific categories or posts from being included in the list of available posts, which is excellent if you have some posts that were relevant for a week, or a month (like advertising for a competition or offer or something), but won’t be of any use several months down the road.

When configured correctly, this really can be an excellent marketing tool for you. You can send out periodic tweets with your old content which is still relevant for your readers, particularly for those that may have only discovered you since you wrote those good, older posts.

Is this a practice that you’ve adopted? Do you use another method for sending out tweets about your older content? How does Twitter play into your blog marketing, if at all?

Tweet Old Posts has now been replaced by the new and improved plugin, Tweetily

30 thoughts on “Send Out Tweets of your Old WordPress Posts Periodically”

  1. Ileane says:

    Hi Dave, thanks for the link love. I’m glad you found a plugin that you find so useful. I’m pulled the plug so to speak on Tweet Old Post because I was cutting back on a few. But I admit that I do miss it. Hmm…

    1. Yeah, I find it very useful, to keep my Twitter presence going even when I’m too busy to really do so. It’s certainly a great plugin :)

  2. Hey Dave,

    I use this plugin too. On and off as I sometimes keep forgetting to check out dated posts and they do not tie in with things

    Here’s a little tip for ya. Do you use twitter feed. Then when you have a new blog post add it as a new feed but at the end of the URL add /feed and it will then add all new comments to twitter or even facebook which ever you want to set up!


    1. Hey Craig, thanks for your comment. Yes you could indeed add the comment feeds from every blog post, but I personally think people would find that a bit annoying, especially if your comments aren’t moderated.

      Thanks for dropping by :)

  3. kevin Chard says:

    Interesting plugin for sure, this is something I have considered using for a while but have not made the jump as of yet.

  4. AstroGremlin says:

    This sounds like an interesting plugin, Dave!
    I’ve noticed Twitter users send out clusters and then nothing. I find myself scrolling through the stream looking for a single, hopefully thoughtful blog. I think I may try this plugin to drop my little old toy boats into the stream to sail along when I’m not there. More like a message in a bottle.

  5. AstroGremlin says:

    Well, tried it but wouldn’t work. Seems as though it’s developed problems for some users. Check out

  6. AstroGremlin says:

    Well, tried it but wouldn’t work. Seems as though it’s developed problems for some users. Check out

  7. Mushfique says:

    Thanks for this Dave ! Atleast I don’t have to do it manually !!

  8. Murray says:

    Tweet Old Post was really cool and certainly pulled in some good traffic but I didn’t really like it overall all and uninstalled it because there were times when people would kick up discussions because of the tweet but I would be too late to respond to them because it would go off at night – I’m a little bit controlling over what goes out on Twitter and I don’t want to miss that opportunity to instantly respond to people when they do it for me – more or less.

    1. Well, yeah it needs to work for your personal routine. For me, I have an app installed on my iPhone which has push notifications, so I let Tweet Old Post send out the occasional tweet and then if a conversation does kick up, I can get notified when that happens and get involved.

      Thanks for the comment.

  9. Thanks for this! I was going back and manually doing this and said, there has to be a better way!

    :) Now I’m a happy blogger once again.

  10. Hi Dave, yep I use this plugin as well. I know some people who automatically tweet their old posts all day long and that annoys the hell out of me so I was against the idea at first. But as long as you are respectful with the interval I think it’s a great idea. I just recently changed mine from 48 hours to 72 hours and I think that is about right for me (there are only about 100 posts on my blog). I have had plenty of examples where older posts have been re-tweeted or people replied so I know people look at them.

    1. Absolutely. I send out no more than one per day. And that’s where I think the time interval feature is particularly useful.

  11. AstroGremlin says:

    Postscript: After the new version of Tweet Old Post came out, version 3.2.6, it works perfectly.

  12. Pete says:

    I like the idea that I can auto tweet all of my old material – that would help keep my twitter account alive because I seldom get around to posting from the blog that was originally set up to be used with the twitter account.

    1. Yeah and it help keeps your account alive while you’re on holiday (like I just was). Very useful tool

  13. Ray says:

    I have had my eye on the tweet old post plugin for a while. I haven’t installed it yet, and it is on my list of things to check out. Good to hear that it seems to do it’s intended purpose, and it looks easy enough to figure out and configure too.

    1. Yeah it’s worked really well for me, so I’d definitely say give it a go!

  14. Abraham says:

    I just installed it a few days ago and it works very nice. Now my older posts get a new lease on life.

    I realy should add it to my list of essential WP plugins.

    1. I don’t know that I’d classify it essential (personally), but it’s certain very useful. It’s working wonders for me :)

      1. Abraham says:

        OK, maybe not essential… But I like the working wonders part. :)

  15. John says:

    Interesting. I do this manually now. It does make some sense. I get frustrated with tweet feeds that are full with irrelevant stuff though. If this plugin was used lamely it could be annoying. I don’t plan on using it now, but if I did I would probably set up a new category and then exclude all categories but the new one. That way I could only target those special posts I wanted to revisit (but have it done for me).

    1. Yes, used incorrectly, it could be incredibly annoying, I agree. Recently, they’ve disabled the “Exclude Posts” feature, which was very useful for taking out the odd post here and there which you don’t really want going out over and over again. However, the exclude categories feature is still active, which is fairly helpful.

  16. Paul says:

    Hey Dave,

    I am very very curious to try this out now. I didn’t even realize such a plugin existed. Going to definitely read up on it and see if it makes sense to implement. It would save a lot of time..

    (side ques: do use a plugin for the ‘about the author’ box or put it in manually?)

    1. Hi Paul,

      Yes I’m very fond of it. It does a great job of periodically putting out my old content.

      As for the author ‘About’ box, I created it manually and put it in my theme. When I can do it manually, I’d rather do that than get a plugin for the job :)

  17. Erich says:

    It’s my first time to hear of this plugin, and I thank you for mentioning this. I tried Wordtwit (free), and there’s another social sharing plugin installed on my site that’s supposed to tweet newly published posts. The irony is that I only get one automatic tweet for each new post, and I don’t know which one is the culprit.

    1. If you look in your Twitter client, it should tell you what application (or plugin in this case) is posting the tweet, so you can find out which one is publishing it ;) Or alternatively, temporarily disable one and see if the tweets keep going out.

      1. Erich says:

        Haha! You make it sound so easy, Dave. I could try your suggestion about disabling one plugin, but I’m afraid it might break something. *scaredy cat mode*

        1. Well, disabling a plugin and then reenabling it won’t break anything, it just kind of temporarily suspends it. What could it possibly break!?

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