Sell and issue tickets for your events with The Events Calendar and EDD

For selling your digital content on your WordPress site

Two excellent plugins have collided to provided an outstanding and beautifully crafted feature that has previously only been available through more clumsy solutions.

The Events Calendar is the de facto events management plugin for WordPress. There’s really nothing you can’t do with it when it comes to creating events. Want to show a Google Map of your venue? Want to make a recurring event? Want to display an AJAX-powered list of events that can be sorted by your users? The Events Calendar has you covered.

Easy Digital Downloads is undoubtedly the best way to sell digital products from your WordPress site. I have covered the plugin before, but the plugin has evolved massively since then, with over 160 extensions available to make it do whatever you need it to.

Now, the two have come together to enable you to manage ticketing for your event in The Events Calendar using an extension built for Easy Digital Downloads.

According to the extension page, you can create as many different ticket types as you want, each of which can have its own SKU and time when it is available for purchase. I also like that you can set “early bird discounts” for people who purchase tickets a set amount of time before the event. You can even check people in to the event from the list of people who purchased tickets. It really is a pretty slick solution for ticketing your own event.

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