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Domainr Website is an excellent service that has provided an extremely simple, fast and clean way of searching for and registering available domain names as well as providing suggestions for possible domain hacks.

While using their site today, I noticed a news update showing that they now have an iPhone app that does everything that the website does, providing the same results in an easy-to-read fashion and even providing links to information on the top-level domain (TLD) and links to a list of registrars that are able to register the TLD you are interested in.

If you’re considering a self-hosted WordPress installation, you should take time to select a good domain name and is the perfect tool to do so, and now you can use it on the go.

4 thoughts on “Search Domain Hacks On iPhone With”

  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing tool. I am planning to get a new domain for my web design blog.Hope this site will help me.
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    1. daclements says:

      Yeah, let me know if you use it and what you think of it. It\’s such an awesome tool

  2. Rich says:

    That seems a handy site for finding a new TLD domain. I usually buy ccTLDs, so I am not sure it will be as useful for me personally.

    I did search for one domain – which was registered – but did appear to be for sale. redirected me to Sedo, who appear to handle the domain buying service. I just wondered if anyone had used Sedo, and what their experience of bidding on owned domains was.

    I was also surprised that there was 299 different TLDs. has a clean design, liked it.

    1. I haven’t used Sedo myself, not for buying, not selling, though I have considered selling a domain there.

      For new domains though, I love It’s perfect for when I have brainwaves on the go and want to check domain availability. Very simple and clean. Well designed app.

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