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One of the reasons I love Gravity Forms so much is their continued commitment to evolution and new features. Such is apparent in their upcoming 1.9 release.

1.9 is currently on Beta 4, which means that the final release is just around the corner. One of the new features that I’m most excited about is the “Save and Continue” feature.

Have you ever started filling out a form or a survey, but never realised how long it was before you started? Or you got into filling it out before realising that it was asking you for some information that you didn’t have at that moment in time? That’s where “Save and Continue” comes in to save the day.

Save and Continue provides a new link next to the submit button (or the next page button on multi-page forms).

Save Gravity Forms Progress

When the user clicks on “Save and Continue Later”, they’re presented with a special link which they can copy, or email to themselves, to allow them to return to the form in its exact state, with all of the data that they already entered, and continue filling it out.

Get link to continue filling out Gravity Form

This tool will be excellent for helping to limit the number of people who get frustrated filling out a form which is longer than they thought and should help improve conversions accordingly by giving them the option of returning to complete it later rather than abandoning it. I’ll be personally be employing it on a number of sites, most notably The WP Butler.

Note that currently the links will expire after 30 days. Since the documentation on this feature is not yet complete, I don’t yet know if there will be a filter to enable you to change this time limit.

How to use “Save and Continue”

Once you’ve got beta 4 installed (or once 1.9 is released), go to the settings for the form that you want to activate “Save and Continue” on and select the checkbox to activate the feature.

Enabling Save & Continue in Gravity Forms

That’s all that you need to do to activate the feature. From then on, people can save their progress part way through completing a form and return to it.

However, you can go even further and modify the text on the screen that presents them with the link as well as the email that is sent to them if they decide to email themselves the link. When you activate Save and Continue, two new confirmations and one new notification are automatically created. To tweak the text that is used to describe the Save and Continue feature to the user or the email that is sent to them, just edit the confirmations/notification to suit your needs.

Save and Continue confirmations

So that’s my favourite new feature in Gravity Forms 1.9. There’s lots more in this release as well, like improvements to the name and address fields, sub-labels, field settings and drag and drop, using JSON for import and export instead of XML, and background updates. Just another 10 reasons to love Gravity Forms all the more.

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8 thoughts on “Save Gravity Forms progress and continue later”

  1. private says:

    // change expiry for saved forms to 365 days

    add_filter( ‘gform_incomplete_submissions_expiration_days’, function () {
    return 365;
    } );

  2. Tosca says:

    Hi. Thanks for this. I have discovered that if the user logs out the save and continue later does not work. Am I correct? I have tested is a couple of browsers and this is what I am finding. I would welcome your advice. Thanks

    1. Not at all. In fact, in most instances, I’d say that the user is unlikely to be logged in at all. The user being logged in or out should have no bearing on Save and Continue Later working.

  3. Katie Keith says:

    Thanks Dave, this is exactly what I was looking for and I didn’t realise you could do ‘Save and Continue’ in Gravity Forms!

    1. I know. Nice little feature, eh?

  4. Andre Nell says:

    Where do we edit the following:

    // change expiry for saved forms to 365 days

    add_filter( ‘gform_incomplete_submissions_expiration_days’, function () {
    return 365;
    } );

    1. Hi Andre,

      That code should go in your functionality plugin.

  5. Fraz W says:

    Hi Dave,

    Wouldn’t it be great if the “Save & Continue Later Link” could be automatically added to user’s “My Account” page – enabling the user to return and login to his account and restart the form?

    Is there a way this can be achieved?

    I use Woocommerce Social Login for user’s My Account page.

    Please do share your thoughts.

    Warm regards,

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