Planning your editorial content in WordPress

Editorial Calendar - Calendar view

If, like me, you like to publish your schedule somewhat systematically and on a schedule, then Editor Calendar will be one of your favourite publishing tools.

Editorial Calendar is a plugin for planning out your editorial content. Using a calendar view, you can see all of your scheduled posts. At a glimpse, you can see how many days/weeks you already have content for, and where you need to fill in the gaps.

Editorial Calendar - Calendar view

I quite like that the styling quickly shows today’s date, by making previous dates grey: it intuitively allows you to figure out what’s coming up in the immediate future.

One of the beauties of this plugin, aside from getting this outlook view of your upcoming content, is that you can re-arrange and tweak things with ease, based on what you see.

For example, you can drag and drop posts from one day to another, to prioritise content, or to fill in gaps, and you can use the “quick edit” link, to change the time a post is published, change the post status, or to make changes to the content itself.

Edit content modal window

There’s also quick links to view or delete posts.

You have the ability to change the view to how it suits you. For example, you can hide unscheduled drafts, you can show/hide the post author, post time and status from the Screen Options, and you can change how many weeks appear in the view at one time.

For those who really like to plan ahead, you can scroll backwards and forwards as far as you want. Oh, and if you have fancy custom post types, it supports those too.

Editorial Calendar is an excellent tool for people who like to plan ahead, and for those managing multi-author blogs.

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4 thoughts on “Planning your editorial content in WordPress”

  1. mantic59 says:

    I use Editorial Calendar often, it’s great for planning consistent, timely content. The calendar in Edit Flow is good too but unfortunately that plug-in doesn’t seem to be “ready for prime time” just yet (at least for me).

  2. Gordon says:

    Editorial Calendar is a great plugin. I use it because one week I have a lot of inspiration but the other week I have none, but I still want to post new content regualry. Yes, this is a must have for multi-author blogs.

  3. Garrett Moon says:

    Great summary here on an important blogging tool. I have been doing this for years with my WordPress blog. It is so important.

    As a side note, I though I would let you/your readers know about a new plugin option for WordPress called CoSchedule ( It is a built-in social media editorial calendar for WordPress that also lets you schedule social media with your posts. Disclaimer: I work for the company. Thanks for the post!

    1. I was just reading about this after I read a tweet about it. Seems like a pretty slick tool.

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