The all-new WP Butler: WordPress maintenance for everyone

The WP Butler

Today is a new start for my WordPress maintenance service, The WP Butler.

It’s been just over a year since I first launched the service and I’ve learned a lot since then.

As such, I decided it was time to rebuild, reimagine and reinvent the service and I’d like to share the result of those efforts with you.

First of all, the website has been redesigned with a much more aesthetically-pleasing, navigable, responsive and clear design. I have adopted a one-page format, where most of the key information is available right there on the front page. Also, clients now have access to all of their forms, links and services from a central “client area”, so it’s easy to find everything that you need.

The WP Butler - redesigned

The service itself is also materially different: there are new services on offer, like WP Engine hosting, and access to WP101 videos and perhaps most notably, there are no longer any set plans. You, the consumer are in complete control of your maintenance plan, as you can build your own plan with all the components that you need, leaving everything else behind.

Lastly, there have been great changes behind the scenes to make the system more reliable and simple when it comes to payments and subscriptions. Much of this will go unnoticed to most people, but it does have implications for my clients who can now modify their plans, cancel their plans and update their billing information instantly, at the click of a button. I will be sharing more on how this is done, using the incredible Gravity Forms and (more) Stripe plugins, in the near future.

Take a look at the new site and what’s on offer, and feel free to build your own plan and leave your WordPress maintenance worries behind.

Check out the new service

2 thoughts on “The all-new WP Butler: WordPress maintenance for everyone”

  1. WP Butler is also a free plugin for WordPress that allows you to do many administrative jobs in WordPress dashboard. I was searching for that but came here by accident. But the website is not functioning properly. When I clicked on Premium Plugins nothing happened. I think you have not linked the pages yet.

    1. Yes it is. It was an unfortunate case of us both releasing similarly named services at the same time! I’m assuming you’re referring to the service circle on the front page? I haven’t yet created the pages for the service descriptions, but they’re coming soon.

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