My interview at WP Engine

Photo of Dave Clements, author of Do It With WordPress

A week or two ago, the fine folks over at WP Engine asked me if I’d like to do an interview with them. So I said, “well of course!”.

I thought the intro that they wrote about me was quite humourous, so I’ve pasted that below, but if you want to read the whole thing (highly suggested of course), go over and read the interview at WP Engine.

Holy Moley. If I told you to hire the crazy Brit wearing the beaver skull-cap, would you think I was nuts?

Well, aside from the fact that my sanity might be in question, the developer over there on the right is a baller, and you should seriously consider hiring him. Today, we’re talking to Dave Clements, a Brit-born, and now US-based WordPress developer, and author of the book, Do It with WP. And you might think that Dave just submitted a single weird photo because he’s a “cheeky git” or something else that only British people can be, but if you look at his Twitter photo, you may start to wonder if the guy is such a talented dev in order to make up for the fact that he can’t take a good picture to save his life.

Dave has been building WordPress sites since 2001, when he got into photography and needed a place to display his work (turns out he met his wife via deviantART), and moved over to WordPress in 2008. In addition to Do it With WP, with is all about WordPress tutorials, Dave also runs The WP Butler, which is a service to keep a WordPress expert on-hand all the time so you are never without a bit of technical help.

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3 thoughts on “My interview at WP Engine”

  1. Good going sir! I didn’t realise you were based in the US now?

    1. Oh yes. I’ve been living in Florida since 2006. My wife didn’t fancy moving to UK, so I moved to the States instead

      1. Wowsers! You’ve been there for a while then, learning something new everyday! Great interview, keep up the good work and enjoy that young family of yours :)

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