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WordPress has no shortage of slider plugins and their use certainly splits opinion; to some they’re a great way to display your prime content in a visually appealing way and to others, they’re pointless and ineffective. Regardless of your opinion, they’ve certainly found their way on to a lot of sites and the market has responded with myriad options from very simple slider plugins to sliders which allow you to define every single detail about them through their 10 bajillion options.

MotoPress seems to have nuzzled their offering right in the middle. The options allow you to do enough with it, to where most people are going to be satisfied, without overwhelming you.

Creating a slider

The process of creating a slider, goes a little something like this:

  1. Create the slider and set up the general options for the slider
  2. Create new slides for the slider, refining the layout details for each one.

Creating a slider is simple enough: just tell it your general settings, like width and height of slider, the default animations and durations to be used between slides and whether navigation controls should be visible.

Creating the slides is pretty easy too. Choose which element you want to form the slide background from the tabs at the top (choose from colour, images or video), enter your information (like the photo you want to use or the video URL) and add it to the slider.

MotoPress Slider works in much the same way as their content editor, where you can add layers on top of one another, with different element types overlapping one another in a visual, drag-and-drop style. This is one of MotoPress’ strengths in my opinion, because you can make a stylish slide pretty easily by setting your background element, putting an image over the top of it, adding some text to it and then adding a call-to-action button using your own styles or some of the pre-built styles, all while seeing it come together in front of your eyes. Oh, and since it’s responsive, it’ll look great on any device without you having to worry about everything being in the right place.

2015-10-27 09.28.10 am

As I mentioned, you can also add videos to your slider, with options for autoplay, muting and looping available. You can choose between common providers like YouTube or Vimeo, or upload your own video. And if you so wish and it suits the slide, you can add text or buttons over the top of it.

2015-10-27 09.42.54 am

I’ve long been a fan of Soliloquy for sliders and it’s still a solid offering, but actually, I’m quite impressed by the ability to “design” slides in MotoPress’ slider. Whereas other sliders might expect you to do this on your desktop by baking everything into the image, you have the option of designing slides right on your site by adding elements, tweaking them and moving them around.

motopress-slider-motopress-wordpress (1)


An added benefit to this, rather than building the text into your images is that the text is readable by screenreaders and robots, so accessibility and SEO get a little boost too.

I’m also a big fan of some of the “little extras” that just make this an all-around good plugin, like the ability to set start and end dates for slides, so that you can create promotions ahead of time, let WordPress show them at the right time and never worry about having to publish it or take it down at the right time.

After an hour or two playing with MotoPress Slider, I’m quite satisfied that it’s a solid offering for a slider plugin and lets anyone create beautiful sliders with great ease that can really emphasise key items, articles, promotions and events on your site.

If you’re looking to add a slider to your site and like the sound of being able to quickly and easily design slides to promote your key content, then MotoPress is well worth a look.

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