MotoPress Content Editor: drag-and-drop content layouts

MotoPress makes various WordPress products but they asked me to review their flagship product, MotoPress Content Editor, which adds a drag-and-drop interface to the standard WordPress editor screen and allows you to build highly customised layouts with a huge array of content elements.

The interface

In essence, MotoPress Content Editor is a plugin that supplies you with a library of shortcodes for creating custom layouts, but instead of making you remember them or figure out the syntax for building complex layouts, it provides a visual drag-and-drop interface so that you can move things around and forget about the code behind-the-scenes.

When you go to add a new post (or edit one), you’ll see a new button between the title and content editor which launches the Content Editor.


This brings up a new interface which completely takes over the editor screen so that you can focus on building your content layout.


As you can see, the center of the screen is your content area and the left-hand menu provides access to all of the different content elements that MotoPress supports.

When you start adding content blocks, you can rearrange them, split them into columns, resize them and adjust their styles with ease.

As you move things around, the engine is sorting out the shortcodes behind the scenes on your behalf, so for the example above, the actual code looks something like this:

As you can see it’s quite elaborate, so the fact that you don’t have to build this manually is a great time-saver and allows you to focus on your content and layout instead of on the coding.

Layout elements

The number of elements that MotoPress Content Editor is substantial and covers everything you could possibly want to include in your content layout. Split into 6 broad categories (text, images, buttons, audio/video, visuals and WordPress) there’s everything from social sharing buttons and maps to charts, calendars and members-only-content.

Most elements have configurable options, so when you add the element to your content, a little pop-over provides you what you need to get the element looking just the way you want.


All in all, MotoPress Content Editor is a nice solution to the issue of shortcode overload. It enables you to build highly customised layouts visually while managing the shortcodes behind the scenes. It does so in a well laid out drag-and-drop interface and eliminates the issue of losing your layouts when you change themes (which will happen when you use shortcodes that ship with your theme).

Additionally, the content elements are responsive, so it’ll automatically create the right layout for the screen size that your content is being viewed on.

It’s a really nice solution to a long-standing problem and I’d definitely recommend it as a way of creating more customised layouts with ease that won’t be wiped out by a theme change.

Download MotoPress Content Editor

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