KeyCDN – New CDN for WordPress [GIVEAWAY]

KeyCDN is a new offering in the CDN market that integrates seamlessly with WordPress. According to their website, they have built their CDN from the ground up, and aim to make content delivery smarter and less expensive.

For those who don’t know, CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It’s a way of having a global network of servers delivering your static content, like your CSS files, JavaScript, images and other downloadables, instead of relying on your main server to serve up those resources instead. This frees up your server to focus on just creating pages and churning them out as well as making your site quicker, by having those static files delivered from a server closer to your end user’s location than your main web server.

Comparing KeyCDN

I haven’t tried KeyCDN for myself, but I have seen their name popping up a lot more lately. Their pricing is very competitive. For the first 10TB of data (the most expensive band), the data is is $40/TB. Compare that to MaxCDN (the CDN that I currently typically use) whose price is $79/TB.

Their number of datacenters currently stands at 18, which is small when compared to other CDNs like Amazon Cloudfront and MaxCDN, but they claim that because of the way they have built their CDN, with fewer hops between ISPs, their latency is very low, meaning that as soon as files are requested, they are downloaded, making for quicker page loads.

Integrating with WordPress

While integration with WordPress may not be quite as simple as it is for some other CDNs, it is incredibly easy nonetheless. KeyCDN have instructions for integrating with both W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.

Given what I’ve seen, I’d say that KeyCDN are definitely worth looking into, and that is made all the easier with the giveaway that they have sent my way.

For the next week, Do It With WordPress readers and followers can enter this giveaway and get the chance to win 1 of 2 KeyCDN accounts, each with 1TB in traffic, allowing you to really take their service for a spin. So, enter today (and tomorrow and the day after) and get your chance to win one of these 2 accounts.

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    1. I don’t have anything quite that organised or basic, but you should check out WP Beginner.

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