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On a recent project I was working on, I was building an intranet site for a corporation and the client wanted to be able to check when each user logged in, to see whether they were logging in to the site to check the announcments.

I figured there would be a plugin for the job and naturally, there was. I came across Simple Login Log.

Track the logins of your usersAs the name might suggest, there’s not much to the plugin, but it provides a lot of useful information. Once the plugin is installed, it will keep a record every time someone logs in to the site. It records their:

  • User ID
  • Username
  • User role
  • Name
  • Date and time of login
  • IP address
  • Login result
  • and some extra information such as the destination and user agent.

The data is easily sorted by time, or IP address and you can filter the data by a particular user or even user role.

6 thoughts on “Keep a Record of User Logins”

  1. Total Bounty says:

    There are all kinds of overblown solutions for security – I like this plugin, simple and effective. At least if you have a site with multiple accounts you can keep track of who logs in when. Great idea!

  2. Ray says:

    This looks like a fairly decent plugin to help keep an eye on user activity. I wouldn’t think it would use that much database space or resources. Hopefully there is a way to purge or remove records after a certain time frame or number of days so the database doesn’t get cluttered eventually. I am sure there are quite a few people that would be interested in additional logging for their website.

    1. It’s doesn’t have that function inherently, and I don’t know if it only retains records for so long, but if it came down to it, you can always delete the old rows from the table pretty quickly (not ideal I realise).

      1. Ray says:

        Thanks for confirming that. I wouldn’t have a problem with removing the records from the database. I just thought if it had the feature built into the plugin it would save a little time. I’ll definitely keep this one in mind.

  3. Curious whether this plugin logs failed attempts to log in. I had my Admin locked out so many times, I got rid of that “user” account!

    1. Indeed it does. Any time someone TRIES to log in, it’s recorded, whether they were successful or not.

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