Introducing “Standard WordPress Services”

The UK Edge offers a range of "Standard WordPress Services"

I’ve been freelancing for several years now, and there’s definitely a handful of requests that I get quite regularly. For example, I am often asked to help someone move their WordPress site to a new server. In an effort to streamline my efforts, improve the experience for my clients and make turnaround on these types of services much quicker, I have decided to launch “Standard WordPress Services“.

What services are offered

I have started out with a list of 13 services and will add and delete other services as demand dictates. The initial offerings are:

  • Install WordPress
  • Upgrade to Multisite
  • Convert multisite to standalone
  • Configure domain mapping
  • Move to a different server
  • Change domains
  • Security audit
  • Transfer from Blogger to WordPress
  • Configure WordPress SEO
  • Configure W3 Total Cache
  • Update all plugins, themes and WordPress
  • Create a blank child theme
  • Create a blank functionality plugin

Benefits to the Standard Services

From the client’s point of view, you can look at the prices of these services up-front, so there’s no need to get in touch with me.

I also get all of the information that I know I need when you order the service, so I am free to start working as soon as the order is placed. My guaranteed turnaround time is 5 days, though quicker turnaround can be requested for an extra fee.

The customer drives progress. The order form incorporates everything that I need, so that alleviates the need for me to wait on the client to do anything. This includes paying for the service because the order form also allows the user to submit payment, thus starting the clock and guaranteeing my time.

I’m excited to see where Standard WordPress Services goes, and I look forward to working on some of your sites in the the near future.

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