The Ins & Outs of Gravity Forms: Resources

For my talk at WordCamp Orlando 2013, I spoke on the Ins and Outs of Gravity Forms, and I referenced a lot of material, so I figured it would make sense to put together a list of those resources for reference by those who attended the talk, or watched it after the fact.

Gravity Forms license

Gravity Forms - for your WordPress form needsI suppose the first thing is, you need a Gravity Forms license. You’re not going to get very far without it! If you don’t yet have a Gravity Forms license, but want one, you can buy one here:

Get a Gravity Forms License

Review the slides

Download the presentation slides

I have written a good deal about Gravity Forms in the past few years, since I use it so often, so here’s a collection of tutorials, many of which I may have discussed in the presentation.

User-level tutorials

Developer-level tutorials

Thanks for listening to me blabber on about my favourite plugin, Gravity Forms.

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  1. Thanks Dave I was hoping to get to WordCamp Orlando but I can only get to so many of them. Las Vegas WordCamp is next for me. Hope to meet you some time this next year at a WordCamp. Let me know which ones you will be attending and I will look out for you. I was happy to see you posted the slides and links to your talk.

    1. Thanks Gregg, if I’m still in Florifa this time next year, I’ll be back for WordCamp Orlando 2014, and if WordCamp Tampa ever happens, I’ll be there. Hopefully, I’ll be at WordCamp PDX before too many years pass (when I move there).

  2. You should come out to next years Orange County WordCamp. It’s one of the best and I have a guest room that your welcome to use.

    1. That’s very kind. Not likely to happen, between having a young baby and two jobs, but nice to know the offer’s there.

  3. Thanks for a great talk today at WordCamp Orlando ;c )

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