How To Upload and Link to PDFs in WordPress

Upload PDFs to WordPress

A question I often get asked by my clients is whether they can upload PDFs to their WordPress site so that they can make information available to their readers, such as property information sheets or downloadable tutorials.

The process is quite easy and if you’ve uploaded images before, the process will feel very similar.

  1. Start a new post or page (or edit an old one if you wish).
  2. Go to where you want to insert the link to the PDF in the text editor.
  3. Use the Media Upload button to upload PDFs to WordPressNow select the Add Media button (see picture on the right).
  4. In the next dialog box you will upload your PDF from your computer.
  5. Once the file is uploaded, insert the title and description.
  6. For the Link URL box, select File URL, which will link the title to the PDF file. Then hit Insert Into Post and you’re done.
  7. What, you were expecting something more?

Incidentally, you can use this process for any number of files, whether you want to upload word documents, spreadsheets or executable files.

8 thoughts on “How To Upload and Link to PDFs in WordPress”

  1. Brad says:

    Is there a plugin that you recommend to help manage and track file downloads?

    1. Yes Brad. Have a look at Download Monitor and see whether that covers what you need.

  2. Brad says:

    Dave — looks like that one might work. Hard to tell from the small screenshots .. but I guess it counts downloads and it can be customized to only allow certain users access? Also – shortcode for posts/pages?


    1. Yes, it has the ability to restrict downloads to certain user groups and also supports using shortcodes for displaying links in posts and pages.

      Good luck!

  3. Really useful advice here Dave. Really excited to delve into the rest of the content of your site.

    Thanks man,


    1. Thanks man. Really appreciated your niche site plugins list. However, it would have been useful if you installed Subscribe To Comments – it would allow me to see when more comments were added to the conversation. Great site though man.

  4. Tracy says:


    Once you have uploaded and linked the PDF, what should be done so followers can print it directly from a post. For example I have created a Free Valentines Day Subway Art printable for our readers. What should be done so a reader can print it easily?



    1. I’m not sure. Once it’s a PDF, it’s kind of simple for them to be able to print it – not sure how much simpler it can be. I guess there are sites where the PDF opens and immediately prompts you to print it, but you’d have to research how to implement that. I personally think that kind of behaviour is undesirable. The user knows that they need to print it and how to do that, but they may also want to send it to someone for use later.

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