How to Post Links to Tweetie Quickly and Simply From Your iPhone

UPDATE: Tweetie is now called “Twitter for iPhone”, after it became Twitter’s official iPhone client.

One of the reasons I love the iPhone Twitter client, Tweetie so much (most of the other reasons are here) so much is that when I’m browsing the web and find something really interesting that I want to tweet about, they’ve created a really simple way to shorten the URL and take you straight into Tweetie to post it immediately without any intermediate steps.

The process is as simple as creating a bookmark and then opening that bookmark whenever you’re on a page that you want to tweet about.

So first of all, open up Safari and navigate to any web page. Once there, hit the Add Bookmark (the + symbol) button and call the bookmark ‘Post To Tweetie’ or something similar. Ignore the fact that the URL is completely wrong.

Once you’ve added the bookmark, open up your bookmarks (the book symbol) and find your ‘Post To Tweetie’ bookmark. Now hit the edit button in the top right corner and select the ‘Post To Tweetie’ bookmark. Now you need to replace whatever URL is there and replace it with the following line of Javascript:


You can now use the handy copy and paste function of OS 3.0 to copy it from this page (permalink), or simply type it in by copying it.

Save the bookmark in whichever folder you like. Now in future whenever you’re on a web page you want to Tweet about, just open your bookmarks and select your ‘Post To Tweetie’ bookmark and it will instantly open up Tweetie and put a shortened URL straight into your new tweet window, ready for you to add whatever text you like. Try it now by tweeting this story!

2 thoughts on “How to Post Links to Tweetie Quickly and Simply From Your iPhone”

  1. Gary says:

    The Javascript opens twitter on my ipad with a new tweet but doesn’t paste the URL into the tweet. Can you help ?

    1. Hi Gary,

      It’s been a while since I wrote this tutorial. You might want to try this instead:

      Let me know if it works!

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