How to Import Simple:Press into bbPress

I was recently working for a client of mine and I needed to migrate him from his old installation of Simple:Press to the much superior bbPress.

I had a look around for the answer and it wasn’t tremendously obvious, and there was no available plugin for the task. However, I did come across an unpublished plugin which professed to do the trick.

So, after taking a backup, I proceeded to give it a go. After creating a plugin from the code and activating it, I ran the plugin by adding a query var to the website address, like so:

Once I did this, the plugin swiftly imported all of the forums, threads and posts successfully. One thing wasn’t right though: bbPress’ statistics weren’t totalling up correctly. However, this was easily rectified by going to Tools > Forums and using all of the tools to repair and recount the forums.

A very fast and painless transition, despite the initial apparent lack of information on the subject.

4 thoughts on “How to Import Simple:Press into bbPress”

  1. Jeremy Clark says:

    I found the code from another plugin author who was converting the support forums over to bbPress. Glad it helped you out and thanks for the link.

  2. Joe says:

    I”m searching for a WP forum plugin right now, and have been toying with simple:press. Reviews seem to be mixed in regard to which is better. If you don’t mind, why do you consider bbpress so much superior?

    1. bbPress is just so much more feature-rich and configurable. I found simple:press to be quite limiting.

  3. Dallin says:

    Thanks for sharing this article. For some reason the built in importer wasn’t working. This did the trick.

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