GPLclub review: Premium themes, plugins, extensions at a fraction of the cost


GPLclub is an interesting new take on purchasing premium themes, plugins and extensions. By joining the club (current cost $19/month [+ $28 signup fee] or $199/year [no signup fee]) you get access to premium plugins, themes and extensions like WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and WooThemes.

What’s on offer

GPLclub appears to have started out by offering WooCommerce extensions and themes – they currently offer 34 (ish) of the most popular WooCommerce extensions (there are over 200 in total) and 8 of the WooCommerce themes (there are over 40 on WooThemes) in their downloads section.

They also report to offer all current WooThemes on their signup page, though I couldn’t see every single one in the list of available downloads.

Lastly, they offer some select premium plugins, such as Gravity Forms, WPML and BackupBuddy.

How it works

Once you join the club, you have access to the whole list of available downloads and can download them at will: just log in and click on Download next to the item you want.

From there, you can install and activate the plugin/theme, just like you’re used to. These are the original items from the original authors, so you don’t need to worry about them not working. They will work just the same as if you bought them from the original developer.

The main difference is that, while you would usually get a license key from the developer for access to support and updates, you don’t get any license key with your purchase.

What that means is that your theme or plugin does not get access to automatic updates, or any kind of support. For as long as you are a member of GPLclub, you can always manually download updates and install them if you choose.

The other alternative is to pay for one-off items without being a member of the club: for example, you can buy Gravity Forms for $25 from GPLclub. By buying a one-off item, you are given access to 1 year of updates of the product.

How they can do it

At first, I wasn’t too keen on the idea: I’m a big supporter of WordPress businesses and the community and believe that those developers generally do not charge enough for their services and products, so to see someone undercutting their prices got to me at a deep place.

However, everything they are doing is legal (disclaimer: I am not a lawyer ya-da-ya-da). The code of these themes, plugins and extensions is licensed under the GPL license, meaning you are free to modify and distribute it, so once you have it, you can give it whomever you choose, which is what GPLclub are doing.

When you buy from the original developer, the main reason you pay such a premium is that you pay for access to support, which costs a lot of money for the developer to provide, so by just paying for the plugin or theme, and not the support, GPLclub can offer these items at a much-reduced rate.

Because what they’re doing is legal, if it wasn’t them doing it, then someone else would, so I have to applaud their entrepreneurial spirit: they came up with an idea (I’m not aware of a similar service) and are providing premium products to people who do not desire the support that usually comes with buying them straight from the developer.

In short, GPLclub is a place where you can buy premium plugins, themes and extensions without support, for a much lower price than the original developers might sell them for.

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6 thoughts on “GPLclub review: Premium themes, plugins, extensions at a fraction of the cost”

  1. Sussy says:

    I have made purchased in, until now I have not RECEIVE any reply and service they said, no subcrytion, no download, email to hello@gplclub.ord but no response at all, its totally a scam website, never visit at all!

  2. Gentalema says:

    Same, I bought $47 Subscription few days ago and sent email to
    NEVER receive a response from them! and they keep charging me Monthly $19 and nothing I can get or download from my account, its totally scammmm…. report for legal action soon!

  3. Ditto. I just purchased and wished I had checked them out first! Now, I am waiting for pending charge with bank, so I can dispute the charges.Do NOT Purchase from them!

  4. Johnny says:

    GPL Club also screwed my when I paid for a 1 year subscription and they basically stopped updates after a couple of months. I am glad I found another site run by some Open Source enthusiasts who provide everything and more for free.

    GPLDL has 500+ Premium WordPress Plugins, Themes and WooCommerce Extensions at

  5. loki says:


    I have just lost some of my limeted funds for the project im working on.
    If only i had come to this post beforhand.

  6. Ben says:

    Yes, unfortunately not every one of these sites is trustworthy, it seems you sort of have to cross your fingers.

    I’ve been using GPL Vault for the past couple of months and they seem reliable. Plenty of updates and they add new plugins each month. I emailed the owner before I joined and he seemed a decent guy, answered all my questions. Can’t fault them so far. They seem legit but do your own research!

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