Get Excellent, Affordable Hosting for WordPress

WordPress is an immensely powerful piece of software that puts the ability to publish and promote your content at your fingertips, but to make the most of it, you need to make sure you have a good web host. It is like trying to drive a Ferrari Enzo down a rocky dirt track; it has lots of potential, but you just can’t let it rip unless you’ve got a smooth driving surface.

And that’s why I recommend HostGator. I’ve used a number of hosts in my time, but I’ve been with HostGator for a number of years now and they never cease to amaze me.

From the things that you take for granted, like quick servers (resulting in faster page load times), up-to-date technology and software, and almost faultless uptime, to the more noticeable things, like having friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps on hand when you have a problem that will talk to you like a human, not a computer, HostGator continues to prove themselves over and over again to me (and everyone else I know that’s used them).

And if that wasn’t enough, they’re actually incredibly affordable. Last time I checked (prices could have changed since then, so don’t quote me!), you could get plans with unlimited hosting space and bandwidth from less than $4/month. That’s insanely cheap – a drop in the bucket for the service you’re getting, especially when you compare their prices to other, far more inferior hosts.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, here on Do it With WordPress, I don’t want to give you irrelevant ads that degrade your user experience; instead, I manage all of my own ads (using the awesome OIOpublisher) and make sure that they’re all of potential use to my readers. It’s income from these ads and affiliate programs that keep this site running. I hate to ask for donations, so I’d rather give you the opportunity to buy something worthwhile and for me to get a little something back from the seller for the referral.

And HostGator does just that for me. For every new customer they get from me, they send me a bit of money to keep the internet lights on.

So if you’ve been looking for a good web host, then please consider using the links on this page to head over to HostGator and secure the best and most affordable hosting you can find on the market today. I thank you in advance.

HostGator provides top notch hosting for WordPress users