Elegant Themes Review & Giveaway

The Style theme from Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes has been around for a few years and has been going from strength to strength. They’re one of the major players in the WordPress theme store market and for good reason, they’ve got a whole bunch of excellent WordPress themes at very reasonable prices.

Elegant Themes uses a subscription-based pricing model. I’ve never much been a fan of these, but after looking at Elegant Themes’, I’m far more open to them. At Elegant Themes, you can purchase an annual personal membership for just $39, which gives you access to all of their themes for the whole year, as well as theme updates and technical support if you encounter any issues. When you think about it, $39 is not a bad price to pay for any single WordPress theme, but to then have access to the other 70+ themes and have technical support on-hand if you need it is a pretty good deal.

Beyond that, you can go for a developer’s license at just $89 per year, which also gives you access to the Photoshop design files to make more refined tweaks to their themes.

So what about their themes?

Well, behind the scenes, they’ve put those years of experience into making a powerful backbone for your design. Each theme comes with a whole host of features including layout settings, ad management, color selection, simplified script integration, custom shortcodes (including slideshows, pricing tables, dropcaps and tabbed content), page templates and localization. Just take a look at their site and glance over the features and you’ll be pretty impressed by all that they have to offer.

I’ve gone through their themes and picked out a few of my favourites, which I’m going to display here to show you some of their capabilities. I hope it’s evident from the few that I’ve chosen that they don’t pigeonhole themselves into a particular style; they really have a full range of designs and they look stunning.

The Style theme from Elegant Themes

The Style Theme

Daily Journal Theme from Elegant Themes

Daily Journal Theme

eStore theme from Elegant Themes

eStore theme

The Source theme from Elegant Themes

The Source theme

Envisioned theme from Elegant Themes

Envisioned theme

So now that you’ve seen some of the themes, you probably want to have a look at all the themes they have to offer for yourself. Well, you can, but first, be sure to enter this giveaway for your chance to win them all for free.

Elegant Themes


Nick has kindly offered three personal memberships for Do It With WordPress readers to win. Entry to the giveaway is by way of our standard Rafflecopter widget. You know the drill by now; enter your details into the widget and perform the tasks that it requests (like following me on Twitter, or Facebook) and you get entries into the giveaway. Sweet! Now get to it!

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4 thoughts on “Elegant Themes Review & Giveaway”

  1. bbrian017 says:

    By far one of my most fav themes ever! I just love the work Nick does over there. He has so much talent and the success his themes bring toy our blog is amazing.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. He does really excellent work.

  2. thanks man got in! i love theme giveaways and my blog also needs a makeover..hope i will win this time :D

  3. Avani says:

    Hi, elegant themes are indeed elegant, I still can’t however work the epanel properly. would love to know if there are any one or any more indepth tutorials on each section of the epanel, which setting correlates with what area of the body of the layout etc. I know of others who have a challenge with the same. elegant themes have a couple of tutorials but not indepth. the ones they have are pretty general and don’t go into it enough. any help with this would be great. or any recommendations etc. there must be more info out there but I have googled it and cannot seem to find. for this reason I have not utilised the themes as yet. I am a subscriber though. cheers

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