How to duplicate/clone an existing post to a new one

Duplication tools in the editor

Duplicate Post is one of those plugins that fits in so nicely with WordPress that if you’ve been using it for long enough and then start using a site that doesn’t have it installed, you start wondering why it isn’t there, because you were convinced it was a core feature.

Duplicate Post allows you to copy/clone an existing page or post into a new post/page and either save it as a draft, edit it, or publish it.

Once installed, it adds very subtle, but intuitive contextual tools for creating new posts from existing ones. For example, when viewing posts/pages in a list, new items are added to the actions that appear when you hover each item.

Also, when editing a post or a page, a new tool is added to the “Publish” metabox that allows you to copy the post you’re working on to a new draft.

I’ve found these tools really useful for sites where I’m creating content that is somewhat repetitive in nature. It’s just a simple, beautiful fix that meets a need, making your workflow that much easier.

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