The Do It With WordPress 1st Birthday Giveaway – Week 3

Win a prize from Do It With WordPress

On September 15th, 2010, Do It With WordPress was born and has been providing useful and practical WordPress tutorials, tips, guides and plugins to hundreds of users. Since birth, Do It With WordPress has gone from strength to strength and I’ve been very happy with how well the site has done over the past year. I’ve made a lot of good friends and have learnt a lot from the incredible WordPress community. As a thank you to everyone who has been a part of Do It With WordPress in any way, shape or form in the past year, I’ve got together with a whole bunch of awesome plugin and theme developers to hold a huge giveaway with loads of great WordPress-related prizes, to be spread out over the next few weeks.

What can I win?

I have been greatly humbled by the generosity of the WordPress community. You never cease to amaze me. For most of these developers, they saw an email request for free stuff from a complete stranger and their response was a resounding ‘yes!’. So from me personally, thank you to every single person who contributed. If you agree, why don’t you go and pay them a visit and give them a kiss? If you can’t manage that, then the least you could do is leave them a kind word.

So, without further ado, here’s what’s up for grabs then:

All that amounts to $1800 worth of prizes. Wow. I love being Santa!!

This week’s prizes

This week, we’ve got the following mass of goodies up for grabs:

Theme Junkie theme

Theme Junkie provides “easy-to-use, good-looking and powerful WordPress themes, with world class email and forum support to their clients at very low prices.” They even release some free themes. You can choose whichever theme you like from their library.

Pippity plugin

The winner of this prize will win the Pippity plugin which has been developed in response to the awful practice of overbearing and annoying popups, instead allowing you to have complete control over their appearance, with several presets aimed at making the job easier for you.

Formidable Pro

The Formidable Pro plugin gives you a drag and drop interface to create powerful and beautiful forms of any difficulty, from a simple contact form to a complex form with user uploads and field validation.

Theme Fuse theme

Theme Fuse creates original and powerful WordPress themes across a whole range of potential users, such as bloggers, businesses, artists and online vendors.

Amember license

Amember is incredibly powerful software for managing membership sites and protected content. I have used it on several websites for creating paid membership sites and providing controlled access to protected content. I highly endorse it.

Headway theme

The Headway Theme has been meticulously developed to be SEO-friendly, flexible, powerful and well-documented. It has a drag-and-drop design interface, allowing you to design your site without much in the way of coding knowledge.

OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher is a plugin which allows you to take complete control of advertising on your own sites by selling your own ads and managing your own ad space without a middle man.

Themify theme

Out of the horse’s mouth: “Themify builds professional WordPress themes that are highly customisable and easy to use. Every theme comes with an option panel, a number of custom widgets and shortcodes to help you easily customise your theme without having to learn any coding.”

PremiumPress Shopping Cart theme

PremiumPress specialises in providing themes for specialist applications. It currently offers three main themes (a shopping cart theme, a directory theme and a coupon theme) as well as more than 70 child themes.

$50 Envato Marketplace Credit

The Envato Marketplace is a hub of goodies for WordPress site owners, including themes and premium plugins. You can use the credit in any manner you wish across the different sites.

WPZoom theme

WPZoom has a good selection of themes, from the cleaner ones to the more involved ones, each one hand-crafted with a target audience in mind, so no matter who you’re trying to reach, there’s a theme for you.

WooThemes Developer Package

WooThemes are very popular in the premium WordPress theme arena and rightly so. The developer package on offer here includes four of their themes as well as access to support, theme updates and layered Photoshop files.

Mojo Themes

Mojo Themes is a marketplace for premium theme developers to sell their unique WordPress themes to the wider world, with a wide variety of different themes available to suit every need.

How to enter

To enter this week’s drawing to win any of the prizes mentioned above, you’ve got several options. Each of the following actions will constitute an entry in the draw:

Alright, that’s the boring stuff done with – now, get to it and be in with a chance of winning some awesome goodies!

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  1. sandip says:

    Damn some awesome prizes on offer! Entering now :)

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    sign me up for this awesome giveaway :D

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    That is a lot of great prizes that anyone who manages a WordPress blog would love to have.

  4. Kaambiz says:

    Damn great prizes. happy birthday by the way.

  5. roscabgdn says:

    i`m in. For a wordpress fan there are some good stuff there.

  6. curdaneta says:

    Wow that’s a huge bag of prizes!
    I really want it

  7. hoang lan says:

    Happy birthday!!!
    Great prizes. I hope I’ll win one.

  8. Bryce Jacobson says:

    Great prizes Dave. Thanks for all you do!

  9. TRY says:

    Thanks for the giveaway Dave.Great giveaway indeed…

    Best Regards

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    This giveaway truly is massive for all wp loving community and as many should participate in it as much as possible. Also, does great job of sharing really worthwhile wordpress info with relevant high quality articles.

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    Wow. I love these giveaways! So fun and energizing. Thanks for keeping them fresh!

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    This giveaway is the best thing to happen to me since lumbar support.

  14. Sumon says:

    Thanks Dave Clements for running such a great contest over this whole month. I’m participating from the beginning and have already won a prize.

    All the best to you and DIWWP. It has become a great source for WordPress related useful tutorials and resources.

  15. Tahir says:

    Dave you are a superstar giving away all these goodies. Congrats on the one year!!

  16. Mark Thomas says:

    Giveaway is the best source to get free themes, plugins, and more as a winning prize.

  17. Jessica T says:

    These are awesome giveaways! I’m in the process of switching to WordPress from blogger and winning would help out so much!

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    great dave, I was so interested in this giveaway, if I could?

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    good, long, massive giveaway m8…

    way to go.. :)

  20. hoang lan says:

    Very awesome giveaways! I’m a WP developer and this is great for me!

  21. Siva says:

    Awesome giveaway. No words for this. Wish to win. :) Did all the steps. Thanks again for the giveaway.

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    Count me in. Such a huge giveaway. Would be really helpful to win from these.

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    Very generous on your part for offering so many giveaways. Did all the steps. Kind of fell in love with your generosity. Thanks much.

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    This is the biggest of all the WP giveaways i have ever seen anywhere on web. Thanks much.

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    Count me in too. Simply awesome giveaway.

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    Truly a neat giveaway by daclements and doitwithwp I’m a winner in previous giveaway but I came back because it’s really getting lot of others involved in wordpress. Must make worthwhile use of the winnings.

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    Done. Count me in. Missed the first 2 weeks giveaways. Couldn’t wait to see these results.

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    Oh Yeah – I’m in…

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    May the luck be with me :)

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