The Do It With WordPress 1st Birthday Giveaway – Week 1

Win a prize from Do It With WordPress

On September 15th, 2010, Do It With WordPress was born and has been providing useful and practical WordPress tutorials, tips, guides and plugins to hundreds of users. Since birth, Do It With WordPress has gone from strength to strength and I’ve been very happy with how well the site has done over the past year. I’ve made a lot of good friends and have learnt a lot from the incredible WordPress community. As a thank you to everyone who has been a part of Do It With WordPress in any way, shape or form in the past year, I’ve got together with a whole bunch of awesome plugin and theme developers to hold a huge giveaway with loads of great WordPress-related prizes, to be spread out over the next few weeks.

What can I win?

I have been greatly humbled by the generosity of the WordPress community. You never cease to amaze me. For most of these developers, they saw an email request for free stuff from a complete stranger and their response was a resounding ‘yes!’. So from me personally, thank you to every single person who contributed. If you agree, why don’t you go and pay them a visit and give them a kiss? If you can’t manage that, then the least you could do is leave them a kind word.

So, without further ado, here’s what’s up for grabs then:

All that amounts to $1800 worth of prizes. Wow. I love being Santa!!

This week’s prizes

This week, we’ve got the following goodies up for grabs:

Theme Junkie theme

Theme Junkie provides “easy-to-use, good-looking and powerful WordPress themes, with world class email and forum support to their clients at very low prices.” They even release some free themes. You can choose whichever theme you like from their library.

Pippity plugin

The winner of this prize will win the Pippity plugin which has been developed in response to the awful practice of overbearing and annoying popups, instead allowing you to have complete control over their appearance, with several presets aimed at making the job easier for you.

Themify theme

Out of the horse’s mouth: “Themify builds professional WordPress themes that are highly customisable and easy to use. Every theme comes with an option panel, a number of custom widgets and shortcodes to help you easily customise your theme without having to learn any coding.”

PremiumPress Coupon theme

PremiumPress specialises in providing themes for specialist applications. It currently offers three main themes (a shopping cart theme, a directory theme and a coupon theme) as well as more than 70 child themes.

$50 Envato Marketplace Credit

The Envato Marketplace is a hub of goodies for WordPress site owners, including themes and premium plugins. You can use the credit in any manner you wish across the different sites.

WPZoom theme

WPZoom has a good selection of themes, from the cleaner ones to the more involved ones, each one hand-crafted with a target audience in mind, so no matter who you’re trying to reach, there’s a theme for you.

How to enter

To enter this week’s drawing to win any of the prizes mentioned above, all you have to do is follow my Twitter account, @daclements, or tweet about the competition, using the widget below. You must use the widget to register your tweet/follow for the competition. Manual tweets or follows will not count as entries.

Alright, that’s the boring stuff done with – now, get to it and be in with a chance of winning some awesome goodies!

29 thoughts on “The Do It With WordPress 1st Birthday Giveaway – Week 1”

  1. Sumon says:

    Following you on Twitter. Hope to win the Headway Themes when it will be in queue. Now let’s tweet!

    1. Thanks Sumon. Good luck!

  2. Very cool idea for a competition. Will have to follow and tweet you to get a shot at the prizes!

    1. Please do. Good luck!

  3. sanjay says:

    Been following you for a while now, also a fan of your blog :) Hope I win some of those prizes. Like the “how to enter” process, was that a plugin?

    1. Thanks Sanjay. I hope you win too!

      Actually, I was lucky enough to stumble upon this system called Rafflecopter ( which provides widgets for managing contests like this. They’re really cool. It’s still in private beta, but you can request an invite. I highly recommend it! Took a lot of stress out of the management of contests. Think I’ll be writing a blog post about them soon.

  4. Is the Headway Themes in the queue? I hope my luck favors to win this. Thanks Dave Clements.

    1. Indeed it is. You’ll have to keep watching to see when and where it will appear ;)

      1. Sumon Seleem says:

        How will you distribute the prizes? I mean who gets which one!

        1. It’s completely random. A winner from the list will be selected for each prize, with no allocations, preferences or weighting.

  5. Hi Dave, I am following you and I tweeted about the contest as well.

    1. Excellent. Just make sure you registered your entries in the contest widget to be eligible to win.

    1. Thanks Krunal, just make sure you entered the contest using the widget to make sure that you get entered.


  6. Great stuff! I love contests, so will pop around to all the sites just now…

  7. AstroGremlin says:

    Great idea, Dave! Looks like a win-win-chance to win for everybody. Awesome way to share the love.

    1. Thanks man. I hope you enter. Good luck!

  8. Sally Brown says:

    Wow! This is great. I will surely be back to your site. There seems to be a lot I can learn here. Thanks for allowing me to enter the giveaways as well. Sally

    1. Thanks Sally. Good luck with the contest and I do hope you’ll be back :)

  9. Mushfique says:

    Fingers Crossed ! One of the greatest contests with hell loads of gifts!! Thanks for the opportunity Dave !!!

    1. Thanks Mushfique. I hope you’re entered and good luck to you!

  10. Being a huge theme junkie, I’m always looking for better themes for my sites. This is a killer idea and I hope I win something, even if it’s just a little something. LOL

    Thanks and Happy Upcoming Birthday—2 days before mine. :)

    1. Well, i hope you win something too! It always brightens up my day when I win something, even if it’s a napkin ;)

      1. LOL, I would so totally brag all over my blog if I won a napkin from your site. LOLOLOL

  11. Harrison Li says:

    Wow Dave, this is the biggest giveaway I’ve ever seen, you’re probably gonna get a Twitter ban because of suspicious activity! (jokes, i know it’s lame)

    1. Thanks Harrison. Keep your eyes open over the next couple of weeks because the giveaways just keep getting bigger!

  12. Vedant Kumar says:

    I have never won a giveaway before.Hope to win this one :)

    1. Well, just this week alone, you have 6 chances, with even more to come in the following weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

  13. Icd says:

    Never really won anything before, but the prizes seem awesome so I’m in.

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