Digging into WordPress – The WordPress Bible

The Digging into WordPress Book

Digging into WordPress is a blog, much like my own, that provides information and tutorials about WordPress and how to use it to maximum effect for whatever your need may be.

The book

However, borne out of that site is Digging into WordPress – The Book – a written guide which gives you the full rundown of WordPress, from beginners topics like installation procedures and creating posts, through more intermediate topics like understanding and modifying themes and plugins all the way to the most advanced topics like creating plugins and themes from the plethora of WordPress functions.

Why it’s so great

It’s for all users

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been using WordPress for 5 minutes, or 5 years; Digging into WordPress has something for everyone and is still applicable as you begin to advance in understanding WordPress.

Electronic or hard copy

You have the option of either buying a physical book, which is spiral bound, for laying flat on your desk while you’re working, or just buying the electronic PDF, if you don’t mind reading from a screen. And here’s a little bonus; if you buy the hard copy, you get the electronic version as well, for easy reference.

Constantly updated

The authors keep the book updated and here’s the best thing; once you’ve bought the book once, you’re entitled to all future updates (the book is currently in its 9th edition). So as WordPress updates and progresses, so does the book and your knowledge of WordPress. And all for just a single purchase of the book.


The book is not written in technical gibberish; it’s written for you and me – the average WordPress users. And the book has been beautifully designed and has color coded its chapters for easy reference. You can have a look at a sample to get an idea of what the book looks like.

How to buy it

You can buy Digging into WordPress straight from their website. The PDF is $27 and the print version is currently being printed, so the price is not yet available, however, you can get notified on its availability if you have your heart set on the print version.

Buy Digging into WordPress

I’m intrigued to hear from people who have bought and used the book. How do you like it? Are there bits about it that you don’t care for? Let me know!

Digging Into WordPress

14 thoughts on “Digging into WordPress – The WordPress Bible”

  1. ThemePremium says:

    I purchased the ebook version of ‘Digging into WordPress’ on the day it was launched and its the best book on WordPress I have ever purchased. Worth every penny.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. My Dad bought it for me for my birthday and it’s awesome. Such a useful reference.

  2. bbrian017 says:

    Hey Dave nice share. I know many of our Blog Engage members will probably benefit from this book. I know I would had loved to have something like this when I first started! What a step in the right direction that would had given me.

    1. Hey Brian,

      Yeah, there’s a large cross-section of WordPress users that could greatly benefit from Digging into WordPress. It’s great to get you going and to then keep you going as you want to do more and more.

  3. Bjorn says:

    I would like to get my hands on the printed book. It would bee great to have a book you can use for looking up issues, beacause it can be a bit time consuming to use google every time.
    Also a printed book is great to read when you are traveling witch I do a bit on my job.

    1. Yeah I would have loved the printed book, but I decided on the eBook so that I’d always have the latest information. It’s a great resource though, either way

  4. Oh my goodness, I want a copy! Though I’m worried if I will ever get it. The post office here is a total nightmare. Last eBay item I paid for, never got it. Ugh!

    1. Well, if you’re going to get the printed book, I’d seriously recommending buying the original version, because you’ll get the electronic updates as the book is updated, so you’ll aways have the latest version of the book, to go with the latest version of WordPress.rsion of WordPress.

  5. Lannon says:

    Nice, I’ve been looking for a book like this and I’ll take your word for it, I agree with Bjorn though, even though I could read it off my tablet pc when travelling, but there’s still something about a printed book that’s just so much better! :)

  6. It really helps when a book on a technical subject is released in layman’s language. It’s nice to know almost anyone can read and understand this book. Definitely, there are a lot of things to learn as far as a platform like WordPress is concerned.

    Hope the printed copy is out soon!

    1. I know. The unavailability of the printed book only made me more eager to buy the PDF. I just couldn’t wait!

  7. Dave, I haven’t taken the plunge, but really appreciate your expert opinion on the value of Digging Into WordPress. Looks like my kind of book.

  8. Matt Smith says:

    Does the PDF have links built in for easy navigation? I.E. click a header in the ToC and it goes right to the appropriate section? Just curious =)

    1. The contents of the PDF won’t be determined by WordPress. WordPress will just display whatever you upload, so you can upload PDFs with TOCs, but that’s not a feature of WordPress.

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