Digging into WordPress – Printed Books for Version 3.3

The Digging into WordPress Book

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post explaining why I love Digging into WordPress and why it’s such a great resource for any developer, blogger, or WordPress user.

The book comes in two forms – an electronic PDF form and a printed, hard-cover book. It takes a little while for the new versions to come out in print because they need to be sent to the printers. So while the electronic version of the 3.3 edition of the book has been available for several weeks, the printed copies have only just been made available.

The cost of the printed version is $75, plus shipping and handling. I should point out that if you buy the printed version, not only do you get the electronic version as well, you also get all future updates to the book in PDF format. So, as WordPress continues to evolve, you’ll get all the updates as they’re published. Pretty sweet deal! Furthermore, the publishers create free member-exclusive WordPress themes and goodies, which are available to all owners of the book.

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So have a look over my more detailed rundown of the book, and then head over to their store and pick up a copy of either the PDF copy, or the sexy printed version.

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