Create a Poll on your WordPress Site with Gravity Forms

Displaying poll results with Gravity Forms

Polls are a great way of getting feedback from your audience, perhaps on what content they do and don’t like, or what their opinion on a particular matter is. And my absolute favourite plugin, Gravity Forms, makes creating polls on your WordPress site very easy.

Since the Polls add-on is an advanced add-on, you’ll need a developer license to be able to use it.

From your Gravity-Forms enabled site, go to Forms > Add-ons and install the Polls Add-on and activate it. Once activated, you can go about building your form.

Where to add a poll field in Gravity FormsCreate a new form and set up all your basic settings (form title, etc.). The important part comes in adding the correct field for the poll. Go to Advanced Fields > Poll to add a new field. From there, you can form your question, using either radio buttons, checkboxes or a dropdown to allow users to select their response.

The options available to you when creating a poll field

Once you’ve put all of your options in place, you can publish your form in the usual fashion (a good way to encourage good participation would be to put the form in your sidebar) and start accepting responses from your readers.

Displaying the results

In order to make the form act like a poll (and not a form), you have to add the action=”polls” argument to your form shortcode. So if your original form shortcode looked like this:

then it would now looks like this:

Then when a user submits their response, they’ll be able to see the poll results.

Displaying poll results with Gravity Forms

You can take it a little further and customise the poll even more: the documentation tells you how to customise your poll, including changing the color scheme, allowing/disallowing viewing results before completing the survey, setting cookies to block repeat voters and whether or not to show percentages or counts with each result.

So, once again, Gravity Forms proves its worth, making creating polls very easy.

Create a Poll – Get a Gravity Forms Developer License today

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