Converting Tumblr to WordPress: CMS2CMS Review

CMS2CMS is a service that allows you to move from one CMS to another. It supports a whole host of CMSs, including:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • b2evolution
  • Blogger
  • vBulletin
  • Tumblr
  • phpBB
  • and about 15 others.

While generally you’re interested in moving your content, CMS2CMS also offers other services, such as creating SEO-friendly URLs, 301 redirects for your old site, and transferring tags/categories. What services are offered will depend on what CMS you’re moving to and from, and what each platform supports.

Getting started

First of all, CMS2CMS asks you what the two sites in question are (your source site, where all of your existing content is, and your target site, where you want all of the content to go). Then, it will ask you for login information to those sites, so that it can connect to them on your behalf. For WordPress, this involves uploading a few simple files to your web server, but if you’re really struggling, there’s even a helpful video to walk you through it. And if that’s still not enough, the folks at CMS2CMS will do it for you, if you just give them your FTP information. select-source-and-target In my case, I was migrating a Tumblr site to a new WordPress site that I had set up. If you want to do your own Tumblr to WordPress migration, you can do so here: tumblr-source-site

Starting the migration

verify-login-details Once CMS2CMS has connected to both the target site and the source site, it will present you with a window to select all of your migration options, and then start the migration. start-migration Once I was ready, I hit the big green button to start the migration. As it turned out, there was a problem, because my uploads directory wasn’t writeable: I’m happy that happened though, because CMS2CMS provided a nice little explanation of what the issue was, links to the knowledgebase for how to fix it, and even the ability to start an online chat with a support technician, to help me resolve it if I couldn’t do it by myself. Now, that is a well thought-out process! online-chat Once I had fixed the little error, we were underway and a screen showing all of the necessary migration steps – and the progress of each item – appeared, helping me to see what was going on. migration-progress Within a minute or two, all of the steps had completed, and I was told that the migration had been completed successfully. With anticipation, I checked my WordPress site, and surely enough, all of my content was there, as promised. I even received an immediate email telling me that the migration was complete, which is handy if you’re transferring a larger site and don’t want to wait around for the migration to complete. target-site-wordpress


I found the pricing to be quite reasonable. For example, you can transfer up to 1,000 posts from Joomla to WordPress for just $49. Now, there are additional fees for the “extras”, like $19 to transfer your images, though in fairness, some of the extras are free, so it’s not all bad. Depending on exactly what you need, it can turn out to be quite a reasonable price.


To be honest, I was quite impressed with how well though-out the whole process was. The CMS2CMS website is a breeze to use, and it guides you through the process in a very natural and considerate way, thinking about what you’ll need next, and anticipating what help you might need. The migration that I went through was flawless and worked just as advertised. There are a few things that don’t carry over, such as menus, which will need to be recreated, but given that you’ll be redesigning the new site anyway, that’s probably not a big deal. Also, I was looking forward to seeing the theme suggestions, but it seemed to just forward me to, without providing any information specific to my site. Apparently, this is because CMS2CMS tries to evaluate the color scheme of your current site, and send you to some similar themes on, though it seems it had trouble doing it in my case. Nonetheless, that’s a minor complaint in what was otherwise a very fluid and easy transition from one CMS to another. Complete your own Tumblr to WordPress migration

3 thoughts on “Converting Tumblr to WordPress: CMS2CMS Review”

  1. RIch says:

    I’m currently converting a 350 pg Drupal site to WordPress using CMS2CMS. So far I’m completely dissatisfied. Even though I’ve communicated to them that 90 % of the new pages have broken links, they only fix one page at a time and then tell me that the conversion is complete . . . this is maddening behavior and leads me to believe that they don’t know what they are doing.

  2. Steve says:

    Avoid this company at all costs. Not only did they not transfer my content, they deleted it off my server and refused to give me a refund. Do yourself a favor and steer clear. Scammers

  3. andy says:

    Agreed – A haven’t come across a worse company for dealing with, trashing your current site, and failing to add in the new data.

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