Click to Tweet: increasing engagement and social sharing

Click to Tweet is a plugin from Today Made, the guys behind CoSchedule. It allows you to create short, shareable excerpts within your content that your users can share on Twitter with a simple click. It can be used to great effect for emphasising the main points in your content and drawing potential readers in.

Using it is ridiculously easy. Just create a shortcode with the quote you want to share and you’re done – Click to Tweet handles the implementation.

And just in case that was too hard for you, there’s even a button in your TinyMCE editor which will bring up a popup where you can enter the quote and the shortcode will be added to your content automatically.

I’ve seen this put to really good use on several sites and I’m now starting to use it on my own sites. I think it’ll definitely help to increase social sharing and bringing in more readers.

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