How to show and hide content at set times

I have updated my Show/Hide Content plugin to allow setting start AND end times, nesting shortcodes inside the time restricting shortcodes and repeating show/hide schedules on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Gravity Forms - for your WordPress form needs

Use Gravity Forms merge tags for email notifications

Merge tags help you to automatically insert data that you already know into Gravity Forms, rather than manually having to enter it, like a user’s name and email address.


User switching – testing restricted parts of membership sites

The User Switching plugin is really useful for testing out what every part of a website looks like while logged in as any user on your site which is great for testing and troubleshooting.

Unobtrusive email optins from OptinMonster

OptinMonster – Improving email subscriptions on WordPress

OptinMonster has reimagined how email subscriptions should look and work, and their WordPress plugin is a game-changer for adding optin forms to your WordPress site


Using Gravity Forms to create tasks in Todo

I’m a huge fan of Getting Things Done, so when I discovered that I could create tasks in Appigo’s Todo using notifications from Gravity Forms, I squeed a little if I’m honest!

(More) Stripe

Building The WP Butler with Gravity Forms + (more) Stripe

Using a blend of Gravity Forms and (More) Stripe, I was able to build a system which creates dynamic subscriptions individual to each user’s needs. It powers the new WP Butler service.


Using WP Migrate DB Pro’s new media migration tool

WP Migrate DB Pro’s new media migration tool makes transferring a WordPress site even easier by automagically moving the entire media library from one site to another as well.

For selling your digital content on your WordPress site

Sell and issue tickets for your events with The Events Calendar and EDD

A new extension for EDD allows you to manage and sell digital tickets for your event using WordPress. It integrates with the The Events Calendar for a complete solution to managing your events and ticketing.


SearchWP – Making massive improvements to search in WordPress

SearchWP stops WordPress search from sucking so bad. It makes your search results more relevant, and allows you to fine-tune what shows up in search results.

Editorial Calendar - Calendar view

Planning your editorial content in WordPress

Editorial Calendar makes planning and managing your content so much easier, with a calendar view that lets you drag-and-drop posts and edit content, status and time on the fly.