Tools for fixing WordPress

Quick Fixes for Common WordPress Problems

Sometimes, WordPress goes a little haywire – these are some common issues that you might encounter and how to fix them at the drop of a hat

What you Really Need to Know About WordPress & SEO

I’ve never bought in to all of the SEO advice that you tend to find out online these days and if this site is anything to go by, I made the right choice.

Find and Replace Text on Every Post

If you change domains, or move from Blogger, or change plugins which require a change in shortcodes in your posts, this SQL command will go through every post on your site and replace one text string with another.

WordPress logo

The Differences Between and

The differences between and are quite pronounced, so you want to be sure that you pick the right one for you, based on your own needs.

Everything's empty

How to Fix a Sudden Disappearance of all WordPress Posts

It’s your worst nightmare – you visit your site and all of your posts appear to have disappeared! This quick fix might be all that’s needed to bring them back from the dead.


How to Reset your Admin Password When You’re Locked Out

Most of us have managed to lock ourselves out of WordPress at one point or another. This quick tutorial shows you how to get back in to your WordPress site.

Studiopress Themes

Designing your Own WordPress Themes with Genesis Framework

The Genesis Framework is perfect for creating your own custom themes in WordPress and this new guide that they created will help you create the custom look for your site that you’ve been wanting.

How to Move from Blogger to WordPress

Moving from Blogger to WordPress – Your Guide

More and more people are taking advantage of the freedom, customisation and extensibility that only WordPress can provide, so follow this tutorial to move your site from Blogger and join the revolution.

wp-config.php is where you set up the most important settings

Useful Configuration Tweaks for wp-config.php

There are a whole bunch of special definitions that you can specify in wp-config.php to specify how your WordPress site should operate and these are the most used ones.

Create as many sites as you want in your network

How to Set Up Domain Mapping for WordPress Multisite

This tutorial guides you through domain mapping for WordPress Multisite, allowing you to create a network of sites that all have their own domain names.