Putting things where they belong

This is the ultimate guide in creating child themes and functionality plugins so that you can edit your WordPress site without breaking anything, with examples showing you how to implement different types of changes.

User-defined content from a shortcode

How to use transients to improve shortcode performance

By using transients to store the results of a specific shortcode query (even with user-defined variables), you can reduce complex queries to the database and speed up your site.

Revised WordPress 3.6 menu UI

How to use transients to speed up your WordPress menus

This is another way in which you can use transients to improve the speed of your site by replacing your menu queries with easily-retrieved transients from the cache.

Transients in the database

Using transients to improve the performance of custom queries

By using transients, you can significantly reduce the number and intensity of calls to the database, making your site much faster & less likely to time out or experience an error.

Speed Test from Pingdom Tools showing all files loading very quickly.

My Experience with MaxCDN as a CDN Provider

I’ve been using MaxCDN for a few weeks now and I’ve been impressed with how fast their service is and how easy it is to integrate with WordPress using W3 Total Cache.

The results screen gives you information about the performance of each plugin

Find Which Plugins are Slowing Down your Site

The P3 Plugin Profiler gives you a breakdown of how each plugin is affecting your page load time, so that you can single out the biggest offenders and decide whether to keep them, get rid of them, or find an alternative.

Speed up WordPress with W3 Total Cache

Speed Up WordPress with W3 Total Cache

This tutorial guides you through setting up each section of W3 Total Cache to get your WordPress site running like clockwork in no time at all, with explanations in each section.

CDNs use data centers all over the world

Set up W3 Total Cache with Amazon CloudFront CDN

A CDN is an excellent way of speeding up your site, by serving content from servers worldwide. This tutorials shows you how to set one up with Amazon CloudFront and W3 Total Cache.

Make WordPress Lightning Quick with a Free CDN From Amazon

A CDN is an excellent way of making vast improvements to your site speed by serving your files from multiple locations and Amazon now gives you the ability to create one for free.

smush.it optimizes images by removing unnecessary parts

Optimise Your Images For Faster Page Loading

It’s never been more important to load your pages as fast as possible, and smush.it helps optimise your images to help you achieve that by automatically optimising every image that you upload to WordPress