Improve WordPress email delivery inexpensively with Amazon SES

If you’ve ever had people complain that they aren’t receiving emails from your WordPress site, you aren’t alone. Amazon SES is the solution and the good news is, it’ll probably cost you less than $1 all year.

Check a field in Gravity Forms against a list of allowed values

This snippet allows you to check the value of a field against a list of permitted values to see whether it is valid. In my case, I needed to check whether the submitted company code matched one of the issued company codes to ensure that the user was permitted to sign up as an employee of an eligible company.

How to run BuySellAds over SSL in WordPress

BuySellAds now supports SSL which means that you can upgrade your whole site to HTTPS even if you’re running BSA ad zones

You can make your site much more secure by taking this simple step

A simple snippet to force SSL for your whole site

This snippet will help you if you want to force visitors to view your site over HTTPS (using SSL), even if they try to use HTTP.

LaunchKey – log in to WordPress with your fingerprint

Launchkey allows you to bypass password-logins by sending a push notification to your phone, where a quick fingerprint scan or facial scan logs you in to your site.

Some thoughts on best online/WordPress security practices

As WordPress site owners and developers, there’s several steps that we could (should) take to enhance the security of our sites and servers. Here’s just a few that I do.

Obfuscating email addresses in WordPress

Sometimes, it would be nice to be able to put your email address on your site, without fear of it being scraped and subjected to spam. This simple shortcode solves that by converting characters to HTML entities so that it isn’t recognised as an email address to crawlers.

User switching – testing restricted parts of membership sites

The User Switching plugin is really useful for testing out what every part of a website looks like while logged in as any user on your site which is great for testing and troubleshooting.


Creating SSH keys and connecting to your server in the easiest way possible

SSH keys are the quickest and most secure way to connect to your server. This is how to set up your Mac for the quickest possible access to your server, without having to remember IP address, port numbers or key locations.


How to set and check for cookies in WordPress

Cookies are a useful way to store information about a user so that you can show/hide content depending on whether a user has completed a form for instance, or to display a message to them under certain circumstances.