Click to Tweet: increasing engagement and social sharing

Click to Tweet allows you to create short shareable excerpts throughout your content where users are encouraged to “click to tweet”. Used well, sparingly and on poignant arguments in your content, it will increase engagement by emphasising points that people will agree with.

Building social sharing and following with Monarch

Monarch from Elegant Themes has raised the bar for social WordPress plugins. Stunning social sharing and following buttons are so easy to add your site, and are a great way to increase engagement with your readers.

Social Media Widget

Create a block of social media icons in a widget

I created a WordPress widget for my site that shows links to all of my social networks. It looks great on all screen sizes, including mobile phones.

There's so many social networks that we need to work with now

Display Number of Twitter, Facebook and RSS Subscribers

Using these quick snippets, you can display the number of RSS subscribers, Twitter followers or Facebook fans you have, in your WordPress site to lend some credibility and further advertise your social networks.

Twitter has become a necessary part of any blogger's social media arsenal

Send Out Tweets of your Old WordPress Posts Periodically

Tweet Old Posts is immensely powerful, allowing you to send out tweets with links to your older posts that still contain valuable content on a periodic schedule, without you needing to manage it. It handles it all for you behind the scenes.

The Google Plus One Button allows your readers to show their friends which pages they like

How to Add the Google +1 Button to Your WordPress Site

The Google +1 button is a way for your readers to tell their friends that they like your content and this tutorial shows you how to install it on your WordPress site

Creating usable links is vital to having your content shared

Create Short URLs for Use Anywhere in Your Theme

Short URLs are very popular these days and this tutorial shows you how to have WordPress make them automatically for every page so that you can use them for a whole host of functions in your theme

Social Networks Logos

Create Your Own Fast Social Sharing Buttons For WordPress

Social sharing is an essential part of the internet and this tutorial shows you how to add your own buttons to your WordPress site, so that they’re super fast

Easily add Facebook and Twitter counters without using plugins

Facebook and Twitter Buttons Without Plugins

Sharing through Twitter and Facebook is a great way of sharing your content and these little counters are a very recognisable way for people to do so. This tutorial shows you how to add them to your WordPress site

Adding the Facebook Like Button anywhere on your WordPress site is incredibly easy

Add a Facebook Like Button to Your Site in 2 Minutes

Adding the extremely popular Facebook Like button was considerably easier than even I thought it would have been. Just add this tiny bit of code to your site and your site instantly becomes a whole lot more social