Saying goodbye to post formats

The time has come for me to end my use of post formats. I’ve used them since their creation, but a few years later, I’ve recognised that they’re more trouble than they’re worth, causing theme lock-in and nonsensical emails and RSS items.


Putting things where they belong

This is the ultimate guide in creating child themes and functionality plugins so that you can edit your WordPress site without breaking anything, with examples showing you how to implement different types of changes.

WordPress logo

What it’s like to work for Automattic

I was recently fortunate enough to work for Automattic on Trial and while I ddidn’t come away with a job, I did come away with an incredible experience.

(More) Stripe

Building The WP Butler with Gravity Forms + (more) Stripe

Using a blend of Gravity Forms and (More) Stripe, I was able to build a system which creates dynamic subscriptions individual to each user’s needs. It powers the new WP Butler service.

The WP Butler

The all-new WP Butler: WordPress maintenance for everyone

I have redesigned, reimagined and relaunched my WordPress maintenance service, The WP Butler, with new services, a new website and build-your-own-plan functionality.


The Ins & Outs of Gravity Forms: Resources

I gave a talk on The Ins and Outs of Gravity Forms at 2013 WordCamp Orlando, and I put together a list of resources to accompany the talk.


WordPress podcasts for 2013

There’a whole host of new podcasts that came out this year for WordPress users and developers alike to get their fix of WordPress goodness.

WordPress Patch File

How to submit a patch to WordPress core (for beginners)

This step-by-step guide walks you through how to submit a patch to WordPress, so that you can contribute to the project, with ease.

The UK Edge offers a range of "Standard WordPress Services"

Introducing “Standard WordPress Services”

The UK Edge offers a variety of “Standard WordPress Services” for common requests, that can be performed with a guaranteed turnaround time, and for a fixed price, so the user knows what they’re getting, when, and for how much.

For selling your digital content on your WordPress site

The Freemium Plugin Model – Why It Works (and why you shouldn’t bitch about it)

The freemium model combines the best of both free and premium to give most users a decent and free product while still putting food on the developer’s table