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My interview at WP Engine

WP Engine kindly asked if I would do an interview with them, to give them my thoughts on WordPress, so I was only too happy to oblige. Here’s what we talked about.

What you Really Need to Know About WordPress & SEO

I’ve never bought in to all of the SEO advice that you tend to find out online these days and if this site is anything to go by, I made the right choice.

How to Move from Blogger to WordPress

Moving from Blogger to WordPress – Your Guide

More and more people are taking advantage of the freedom, customisation and extensibility that only WordPress can provide, so follow this tutorial to move your site from Blogger and join the revolution.


My Commenting Philosophy

I regularly put a good number of comments straight in the trash because in my opinion, they don’t further the conversation I started in the article and instead dilute the discussion.

Rafflecopter manages competitions for you

How to Manage Contests and Giveaways in Style

Rafflecopter manages the paperwork end of giveaways for you in a smart little Javascript widget which you can put anywhere, leaving you to focus on promoting it and interacting with your new readers.

Proof that Creating Good Content Should be your #1 Priority

With my recent PageRank increase, I wanted to get down my thoughts on blogging and where your focus should be in order to get whatever your desired results are.

Commenting on WordPress

Remove Nofollow for Comment Authors with a Simple Function

By default, WordPress comments use the nofollow attribute to prevent spammy URLs getting seen by search engines. Unfortunately, it also punishes the innocent, so you can use this quick function to get rid of it and keep your links dofollow.

Blogging is a hobby

Discover Hot Topics To Write About

Blogging can become monotonous and you sometimes need to seek inspiration to refocus yourself and start churning out more quality content.

Copying and pasting makes copyright too easy in the digital era

How to Deal with Copyright Infringement with a DMCA Takedown

Copyright infringement is rife on the internet. Fortunately, DMCA offers a certain amount of protection for bloggers and this is how to deal with copied content

Tableau Gallery

How to Find Legal Free Images for Your Site

Images are a great way to add color and flair to your site. This tutorial shows you how to find free images to use on your posts, to give them that edge