You have such a vast array of options when it comes to WordPress Themes

WordPress Essentials – Installing Themes

Installing a theme is something that all site owners will want to do soon after installing their blog. Themes are the perfect and most obvious way to personalise the look and feel of your site – they change the colors and layout of your site and some of the more advanced ones give you some additional functionality. Themes can be found in a wide range of places: most people will start with the official WordPress Theme Directory, which hosts thousands of free themes for you to use. Then there’s other free themes not in the directory for various reasons and then there’s paid themes (I recommend for premium themes). Regardless of where you find your theme, you’ll likely download a ZIP file with all the theme’s files to your computer. There is an exception to this if you’re using the theme finder from your site. Automatic Theme Finder and…

Tableau Gallery

How to Find Legal Free Images for Your Site

Images are a great way to add color and flair to your site. This tutorial shows you how to find free images to use on your posts, to give them that edge

RSS Feeds

Getting Specific with WordPress Feeds

WordPress has some powerful tools for fine-tuning RSS feeds, by limiting the posts it displays to a certain category, tag, author, custom post type or even search result.

U-Haul Truck

Move Your WordPress Site To A New Domain Seamlessly

Moving your WordPress installation to a new domain can be daunting, but follow these simple steps and rest assured that it’s easier than you think!

Images are a great way of including some color into your posts

How To Show Featured Images in your WordPress Posts

Featured images are a great way of graphically demonstrating the subject of your post and including some color. Use this tutorial to include them on every post.

Bunch of keys

WordPress Security Keys – What, Why & How

WordPress uses eight random strings of characters called security keys and salts to add an extra layer of protection. This tutorial shows you what they are, why you need to use them and how to do so.

Add New Post To WordPress

How to Create, Format and Fine-Tune a Post in WordPress

Creating a WordPress post is the most basic thing and probably the most important thing to do on WordPress. However, you need to do it right to make sure you help yourself out and don’t hamper your SEO efforts.

Google XML Sitemaps

How to Create a Sitemap for WordPress

Sitemaps are a great way of letting search engines know what content is on your site. This tutorial takes you through creating one for WordPress automatically and submitting it to all the major search engines.

Wall Calendar

How to Schedule a WordPress Post to Publish in the Future

Scheduling WordPress posts to publish in the future is a simple task to undertake and it helps with content regular content posted, even when you’re busy

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Essential Plugins For Any WordPress Installation

This is a list of plugins that I find myself installing on nearly every WordPress installation. They provide core functionality and search engine optimisation so that your blog is easier to find, load and share