Saying goodbye to post formats

The time has come for me to end my use of post formats. I’ve used them since their creation, but a few years later, I’ve recognised that they’re more trouble than they’re worth, causing theme lock-in and nonsensical emails and RSS items.

Putting things where they belong

This is the ultimate guide in creating child themes and functionality plugins so that you can edit your WordPress site without breaking anything, with examples showing you how to implement different types of changes.

A (better) alternative to @import in child themes

There’s a better way to pull in your parent theme’s CSS than the traditional method of using an @import rule in style.css: you can enqueue the file, resulting in speed improvements for your theme.

Revised Redirection Rule

Regex for beginners – tips for redirecting traffic

Once you realise just how Regular Expressions are, they can be immensely useful for redirecting traffic without any headaches.

The UK Edge offers a range of "Standard WordPress Services"

Introducing “Standard WordPress Services”

The UK Edge offers a variety of “Standard WordPress Services” for common requests, that can be performed with a guaranteed turnaround time, and for a fixed price, so the user knows what they’re getting, when, and for how much.

WordPress code

Conditionally add information to the beginning of your posts

Adding something to the beginning of your posts if pretty simple, and you can apply conditional logic to show your content only when certain conditions are met.

Video Camera

Native video/audio – My favourite WordPress 3.6 feature

WordPress 3.6 includes the native ability to embed audio and video directly on your site, which is a huge improvement over your previous options: using a third-party service or trying to find an appropriate plugin.

oEmbed in action in WordPress

What can you Embed in a WordPress Post with oEmbed?

With WordPress you can embed media from a variety of sources simply by pasting the URL in your post, including YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Instagram and Twitter.

Search Analytics Data

Find Out What your Readers are Searching for on your Site

Tracking what people are searching for on your WordPress site using Google Analytics is incredibly easy and helps you to better understand your readers and what they’re looking for.

Editing CSS in WordPress

Making CSS Edits in WordPress

Making CSS edits in WordPress is quite easy, but it can be overwhelming if you don’t know where or how to start. This guide shows you how to find the elements you need to change, how to edit them and the correct way to do so.