The best WordPress hosts for every situation

Each installation of WordPress has different needs, on different hardware with different levels of service. There’s no single host that can adequately meet the needs of every WordPress installation.

As such, I decided to put together a little list of WordPress hosts that I recommend for a variety of situations. I have personally worked with and tested each of them, and recommend them as some of the best in the industry. That is not to say that these companies are perfect, and similarly, that companies not on this list are worthless, but these are the ones that I feel most comfortable with, and in the name of simplicity, for someone just looking for my recommendation for their use case, there is just one host in each category.

The absolute best WordPress host

If money is no object, and you need and want the best, it’s an easy recommendation. This site, all of my other sites, my corporate clients and my clients who want the best WordPress hosting they can get all run on WP Engine.

WP Engine offers a hosting environment specifically configured for WordPress, amazing caching and speeds, excellent security, professional support from WordPress experts, automated backups, staging sites, version control and much more.

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Premium shared hosting

If you can’t afford the likes of WP Engine, but want something a cut above shared hosting, then Siteground is an excellent choice.

You get the familiar cPanel, everything that you’d expect of a shared host, like multiple domains, unlimited databases and email service, but they’ve also got some great WordPress-specific tools, like their own (decent) WordPress caching plugin, Git (for version control), staging sites and free daily backups.

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Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the cheapest kind of hosting you can get, but there’s definitely still a wide spectrum of the quality of service that you can receive. For shared hosting, I’ve been recommending HostGator for a long time.

HostGator does a decent job of putting all the tools in your hand that you’ll need at a reasonable cost. Their customer service is responsive, and they don’t use any oddball systems or setups that are likely to trip you up. You’ll get familiar interfaces like cPanel and phpMyAdmin to help make life easier.

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If you’re handy with server configuration, and getting your hands dirty with maintaining your own site doesn’t faze you, then a VPS is a good way to get the best performance for the least cost, and DigitalOcean is an excellent provider of such services.

Dedicated to providing low-cost, high-performing VPS plans, there’s no one that comes close to DigitalOcean, who will provide you with a SSD-equipped box in 55 seconds for as little as $5/mo, with the ability to upsize any time you need.

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Managed VPS

If you want the flexibility of running your own server, enabling you to make the performance tweaks that you need, but are still a little timid about running your own server, then you’ll want a managed VPS, where a team of support staff stand ready to help you with making changes to and maintaining your server.

ServInt provide excellent customer service when you need them, and top-of-the-line hardware for your box. They’ve served me well for a number of years in varying capacities.

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CDNs take all of your static content and move them on to their network of globally distributed servers, allowing users to download them very quickly, and freeing up your own server resources to focus on churning out WordPress pages, not simple image and CSS files.

I’ve been a faithful user of MaxCDN for a number of years and have recommended them to a number of clients. They have a large network of servers, allowing your content to be retrieved quickly by users all over the world, and they’re priced competitively.

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