BackupBuddy gets updated to 4.0

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Somewhat quietly, BackupBuddy got updated to version 4.0 yesterday. I’ve been using it on both my own sites and my clients’ sites for about a year now and am quite impressed with how useful it is. I’ve been meaning to write a review about it, so keep an eye out for that. But in the meantime, here’s what’s new in 4.0:

New Quick Start screen

Setting up BackupBuddy can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know your way around, and iThemes have done a good job of creating a new Quick Start screen that puts all of the most important settings right in front of you so that you can get your site backed up in just a few minutes and then tweak the rest of the settings later.

A look at The new quick start screen introduced in v4.0View backup contents

I’m quite excited about this feature. Previously, you could restore an entire backup, or download the whole thing, extract it and take a peek at the contents. In version 4.0 however, you can click on “View & restore files” on any given backup and explore the contents, and selectively restore individual files. So if you know you screwed up wp-config.php, you can restore just that file from your latest backup. This is a big enhancement in my opinion.

View backup contentsRevised settings page

The settings page has seen a design refresh, taking on a tabbed approach to help organise the mass of settings a little better for you.

Tabbed settings page in BackupBuddy v4.0


Other improvements

The Restore/Migrate page has had a UI refresh, you can get notified if there hasn’t been a backup in a set number of days, you can set manual backups to be sent to remote destinations before even starting the backup and you can customise the “from” email address for system emails from BackupBuddy. These are just a few of the other features that aren’t show-stoppers, but nice tweaks in an ever-improving plugin.

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7 thoughts on “BackupBuddy gets updated to 4.0”

  1. I haven’t used BackupBuddy yet, been aware of it for years and I know the movers and shakers in the WP community swear by it – I have to say it looks even better now than it ever has done. Do you know if Automatic acquired them or are they independent?

    1. No, they’re independent. Automattic did recently acquire Code Garage and added those users to their existing Vaultpress service, but BackupBuddy remains independent

  2. tlcoles says:

    Very impressive update. Placing this on my “to purchase” list, so thanks for sharing the news, Dave.

  3. So far I have only been using a custom SQL database backup for my sites. Will check out BackupBuddy a little more to see if it is something for me.

    BTW, welcome back Dave :)

    1. Yeah, BackupBuddy makes it a whole lot easier, and also backs up your files (your database isn’t much good without your themes, plugins, and uploads).

      And thanks, I’m not really back – actually, I haven’t technically left yet. My wife hasn’t given birth yet, so I’m just kind of passing the time, waiting for her to arrive!

  4. I will be going with Backup Buddy. Just doing a little research and found your post. I assume Backup Buddy also restores? Or do you just have a version of the files you need to upload using an FTP client?
    Congrats on the baby BTW.

    1. Yes, you can restore from within BackupBuddy.

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