Add Multiple Users for WordPress

Importing bulk users into WordPress with AMU

Adding users to WordPress is simple enough, until you need to add them in bulk. Then it becomes very tedious!

There are several plugins that offer to do this, but in a recent project I was doing for a client, which required adding several hundred users, I chose Add Multiple Users for WordPress to complete the task.

It makes the process much easier by taking information from a spreadsheet, such as usernames and email addresses and creating all the users at once.

How to use the plugin

You can set whatever user parameters you need with the plugin. For example, if you want to specify the password, you can do that, or you can leave it empty and allow WordPress to assign it.

Put together your spreadsheet of data, ensure that there are no column headings (just the raw data) and save it down to a comma-separated values file (.csv). Install and activate the plugin and head to the new menu AMU > Plugin Settings. Make sure that all of the generic settings are set up the way you want them. Then go to AMU > Import CSV data.

You’ll now be able to upload your CSV file and the data will be displayed in the text below. Confirm that the number of rows matches the number of users you’re expecting to the create.

Importing bulk users into WordPress with AMU

Now you need to match the data you imported to the user parameters you need. So in my example, the first column is the first name (first_name), followed by last name (last_name), their email address (user_email), their login name (user_login) and finally their password (user_pass). You can add as many (or as few) columns as you want, and even add custom parameters if you have custom profile information, such as twitter accounts. Just click on the parameters until they appear in the order that you entered them in the spreadsheet.

You can either choose to create the users immediately by clicking the Skip Form and Add Users button, or you can review the information by clicking on the Create User Information Form. From here, you can review and make any final edits before creating the users.

Reviewing user information


Then just hit the Add All Users button and, before you know it, all of your users will be created and will receive their emails with their login information. Much easier than creating hundreds of accounts individually!

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